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What would you like to eat today?

Will be great x with native implementation on touch devices My inspiration started here Most of icons are Ashleigh Brennan's

Tried to explain it here:


  1. This is so damn cool

  2. great work

  3. Haha love this one !

  4. very awesome!!

  5. uh yeah. me much likey!! it's peanut butter jelly time!!!

  6. Great work! I loved this effect when I first saw it on Captivate. Much better now that it's interactive :)

  7. Wow! Incredible effect

  8. This is fantastic! One thing that I noticed though is that the physics seems to be the wrong way around?

  9. Amazing! Great work.

  10. Awesome idea.

  11. super cool

  12. Thanks guys!

  13. Is there a clean version you can view on mobile?

  14. 137979 views, congrats!

  15. Supernice effect!

  16. This is sooooooo AWESOME!!!

  17. hot damn! this is great

  18. Love it! You don't see stuff like that often.

  19. Oh wow this is so awesome! Pretty cool!

  20. so cute ! love that one !

  21. I see this going places. Nice.

  22. Nice to use !

    I wonder if the effect could go on the other direction, on scroll... like the shape would make some time to scroll...

  23. @long-lazuli thanks! you ca invert the scroll direction with this checkbox

  24. @LegoMushroom - not working. I am getting an error in console, Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE

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