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                <svg width="480" height="320" viewBox="0 0 600 400" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="">
        <linearGradient x1="29.268114%" y1="15.2524038%" x2="70.8889394%" y2="74.6384215%" id="linearGradient-1">
            <stop stop-color="#D123C2" offset="0%"></stop>
            <stop stop-color="#640CB2" offset="100%"></stop>
        M 120, 200
        a 175,175 0 1,1 350,0
        M 470, 200
        a 175,175 0 1,1 -350,0
<path d="M109.703125,155 L255.71875,310.859375 L185.40625,155 L109.703125,155 Z M300.015625,335.9375 L381.8125,155 L218.21875,155 L300.015625,335.9375 Z M186.109375,125 L233.921875,35 L172.515625,35 L105.015625,125 L186.109375,125 Z M344.3125,310.859375 L490.328125,155 L414.625,155 L344.3125,310.859375 Z M220.09375,125 L379.9375,125 L332.125,35 L267.90625,35 L220.09375,125 Z M413.921875,125 L495.015625,125 L427.515625,35 L366.109375,35 L413.921875,125 Z M446.96875,11.09375 L536.96875,131.09375 C539.156261,133.906264 540.171876,137.148419 540.015625,140.820313 C539.859374,144.492206 538.531263,147.656237 536.03125,150.3125 L311.03125,390.3125 C308.218736,393.437516 304.546898,395 300.015625,395 C295.484353,395 291.812514,393.437516 289,390.3125 L64.0000003,150.3125 C61.4999878,147.656237 60.1718761,144.492206 60.0156253,140.820313 C59.8593745,137.148419 60.8749893,133.906264 63.0625003,131.09375 L153.0625,11.09375 C155.875014,7.03122969 159.859349,5 165.015625,5 L435.015625,5 C440.171901,5 444.156236,7.03122969 446.96875,11.09375 Z" id="amethyst" fill="url(#linearGradient-1)" />
  <text dy="1" font-size="40" stroke="red" fill="white" textLength="531">
    <textPath textLength="531" href="#topSemiCircle" aria-label="Smashing">
  <text dy="1" font-size="40" stroke="red" fill="white" textLength="531">
    <textPath  textLength="531" href="#bottomSemiCircle" aria-label="MAGAZINE">


                svg {
  display: block;
  margin: auto;