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This is a little life and work timeline project I was working on. Made with Fontello icon fonts, a filter navigation system, a bit of jquery and a bunch of CSS3 features. Feel free to use the 'J' and 'K' keys for navigation.

Will feel much better on full screen.


  1. Really pretty. Note: spelling mistyping in "Contant Information".

  2. Thanks mate. Corrected.

  3. Lovely. :)

  4. This is really fantastic! Nice work!

  5. Ótimo trabalho! Great work!

  6. Could I use this for my resume as well?

  7. In the spirit of sharing, be my guest :)

  8. love this!!!

  9. This is so great!

  10. Nicolas, Would it be okay if I make it responsive and a wordpress plugin?

  11. Go ahead Cullan, I'd love to see it when it's done. Thanks for your feedback

  12. Nicolas,

    This is not finished just yet, but wanted to share my progress. It's responsive, but have not hooked the custom posts up yet. Thanks again for the inspiration.



  13. Looking sweet Cullan! nice progress.

  14. excellent!

  15. Looks sweet, but I've noticed the up / down arrow doesn't quite work when you have filtered some timeline events. Im looking to use this for an upcoming project, do you have any idea why its not working?

  16. True that Jordan... true that. I'll look into it.

  17. @slatiner Hello. Very Good Job. I'd like to know, how do you sort the post without database .... ? Can you explain me?

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