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The bi-directional animation is done by using ~ sibling selectors.

ps. WebKit only -> uses appearance:none; Cross-Browser version by @ryanseddon: http://jsfiddle.net/ryanseddon/FeJT2/


  1. Waw, it looks absolutely wonderful. Very clever Simurai. ;)

  2. Really nice animation, too bad that it works only on chrome. Good job.

  3. and safari (webkit)

  4. Damn, this is so nice!

  5. Nice illusion! Took me a while to realize the dot does not actually "travel" down the column :)

  6. Making it go all the way from top to bottom and back is the best.

  7. Just one word: awesome!

  8. You are the insaniest!!! So sick.

  9. sickest radio button I've ever seen

  10. We could probably easily do a left to right version now. ;)

  11. Works in Safari 6.0 also. Awesome!

  12. HAWTNESS!!! Sooo sexy!

  13. I think an awesome radio animation would be a button that glows when you click it.

  14. This is quite incredible.

  15. totally sweet ...

  16. Horizontal version / questionnaire version : http://codepen.io/hugolpz/details/hcxFq , big thanks for your sharing @Simurai Useful for ubiquious 1to5 / 1to7 questionnaires (aka Lickert scale)

  17. Note: @ryanseddon's cross-browser version actually also include an horizontal version: http://jsfiddle.net/ryanseddon/FeJT2/ , which is thus more solid.

  18. Very nice made :) Just missing a outline: none; on the radio input

  19. Very cool work!

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