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                //- DOM element where we will bootstrap VueJS

    | Todo List - VueJS 
    //- show number of remaining todo items - if any
      | ({{ itemsTodo.length }} pending)
  //- 1) run addTodo method on enter key
  //- 2) bind field value to 'newTodo' data property
    placeholder="Type and press enter..."
    //- 1) one 'li' element per item in 'todos' data array
    //- 2) conditionally add 'todos__completed' class if todo item is completed
    //- 3) toggle completion status on click
    //- 4) add transition attribute
      v-for="(todo,index) in todos",
      :class="{ 'todos__completed': todo.completed }",
      @click="todo.completed = !todo.completed",
      //- 1) run 'removeTodo' method on click
        | &times; 
      | {{ todo.text }}

  //- placeholder text if todos data array is empty
    | Nothing to do... yet!

  //- 1) delete all completed items on click
  //- 2) only show if remaining todo items
  ) Clear completed tasks


                /* ##### 🌍 Global Stuff 🌍 ##### */

@import url(',700')
$tint = #0099aa

  padding 1rem 1.5rem
  background darken(white, 3)
  font-family 'Open Sans', sans-serif
  @media(min-width 500px)
    padding-top 3rem
/* ##### 🔥 BEM + Stylus 🔥 ##### */

// the prefix
    margin-bottom 1rem
    padding .5rem .75rem
    border solid 2px darken(white, 15)
    width 15rem
    margin .5rem 0 1rem
      outline none
    margin 1rem 0
    padding 0
    position relative
    list-style none
    padding .5rem
    margin 0 .3rem .3rem 0
    background white
    display inline-block
    color darken(white, 40)

      cursor pointer
      color #666
    margin-right .5rem
    background tomato
    border none
    color white
    border-radius 50%
    height 1rem
    width 1rem
    display inline-block
    line-height 1
    font-size .8rem
    text-align center
    padding 0
      background darken(tomato, 15)

    background lighten($tint, 65)
    text-decoration line-through
    color $tint

      color darken($tint, 5)
    font-size 0.8rem
    color $tint
    font-size 0.9rem
    color #666
/* ##### transitions ##### */
    transition all .2s
    opacity 0
    display none


                const vm = new Vue({
  // The DOM element to bootstrap our Vue
  el: '#app',
  // Kick off with some initial state
  data: {
    newTodo: '',
    todos: [
      {text: 'drink coffee', completed: true},
      {text: 'eat breakkie', completed: false},
      {text: 'check e-mails', completed: false},
      {text: 'hang in slack', completed: false},
      {text: 'do some work', completed: false},
      {text: 'check twitter', completed: false},
      {text: 'seriously dude, work!', completed: false},
      {text: 'drink coffee', completed: false},
      {text: 'play in CodePen', completed: false}
  // keeping track of done / todo items
  computed: {
    itemsDone() {
      return this.todos.filter(todo => todo.completed)
    itemsTodo() {
      return this.todos.filter(todo => !todo.completed)
  // Let's implement our functionality in methods
  methods: {
    addTodo() {
      // create new todo object
      const newEntry = {
        text: this.newTodo,
        completed: false
      // if input field not empty...
      if (this.newTodo.length) {
        // ...push to todos array 
        // ...reset input field
        this.newTodo = '' 
    removeTodo(index) {
      // remove todo item
      this.todos.splice(index, 1)
    clearCompleted() {
      // only keep todo items not completed (see computed data)
      this.todos = this.itemsTodo