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                <article class="legal labels" id="section-numbering-tests">
  <h1>Section numbering test</h1>

  <h2>Library and information services and the Internet</h2>

  <h3>Connecting people with global and local information resources</h3>
  <p>Library and information services are vibrant institutions that connect people with global and local information resources. They provide access to ideas and creative works and make the richness of human expression and cultural diversity available to everyone.</p>

  <h3>Greater equality of access to information</h3>
  <p>The Internet enables individuals and communities throughout the world, whether in the smallest and most remote villages or in the largest cities, to have greater equality of access to information to support personal development, education, cultural enrichment, economic activity, access to government and other services, and informed participation in a democratic society as an active citizen. At the same time the Internet creates opportunities for all to share their own ideas, interests and culture with the world.</p>

  <h3>Essential gateways to the Internet</h3>
  <p>Library and information services should be essential gateways to the Internet, its resources and services. Their role is to act as access points which offer convenience, guidance and support, whilst helping overcome barriers created by differences in resources, technology and skills.</p>

  <h2>Freedom of access to information and freedom of expression are essential to equality, global understanding and peace</h2>

  <h3>Central responsibility</h3>
  <p>Freedom of access to information and freedom of expression, regardless of format and frontiers, is a central responsibility of the library and information profession. </p>

  <h3>Provision of unhindered access to the Internet</h3>
  <p>The provision of unhindered access to the Internet by library and information services forms a vital element of the right to freedom of access to information and freedom of expression, and supports communities and individuals to attain freedom, prosperity and development.</p>

  <h2>The role and responsibilities of library and information services</h2>

  <p>Library and information services have a vital role in ensuring freedom of access to information and freedom of expression, and have a responsibility to serve all of the members of their communities, regardless of age, race, nationality, religion, culture, political affiliation, physical or mental abilities, gender or sexual orientation, or other status.</p>

  <h2>Implementing the Manifesto</h2>

  <p>IFLA encourages all governments to support the unhindered flow of Internet accessible information and freedom of expression, to ensure openness and transparency by opposing attempts to censor or inhibit access, and ensure that surveillance and data collection are demonstrably legal, necessary and proportionate.</p>



                .legal {
  counter-reset: section;
.legal h2 {
  font-size: 130%;
  counter-reset: article;
.legal h2:before {
  counter-increment: section;
  content: counter(section) ". ";
.legal h3:before {
  counter-increment: article;
  content: counter(section) "." counter(article) ". "; 
.legal.labels h2:before {
  content: "Section " counter(section) ". ";
.legal.labels h3:before {
  content: "Article " counter(section) "." counter(article) ". ";