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This blob is made up of a series of points positioned using polar coordinates. The points animate along their distance coordinate using a basic spring algorithm interpolated along their neighbours in response to mouse movement.

I would appreciate it, if you end up using this code in any sort of production situation, that you cite me in your code and let me know what you've used it for. I love seeing that people actually get use out of the things that I write, and I don't think it's too much to ask that I get a citation for my troubles :)


  1. oh shit it's him!!!! it's blob!

  2. Hi Egan,

    Great blob... does it also work on swipe on mobile devices?

    Thx, Jan.

  3. @battem sort of. Currently it works when you tap inside and/or outside but, with a little work, it could easily be made to work with swiping.

  4. Would be great if it swipes too... thx jan :)

  5. @battem that should now work as expected on touch.

  6. thats quick... but no not on my iPhone :(

  7. @battem That's because iOS Safari doesn't support touch-action properly. You'll need to add PEP to the page to get it to work on iPhone/iPad.

  8. is that?: html { -webkit-user-select:none; }

  9. Can you try that now? I've added the pointer events polyfill to the page and updated the canvas element with the required attribute.

  10. Hi Liam... succes... it works great on my mobile now. Thx for your hard work and swift response :)

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