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  1. Awesome! That's beautiful.

  2. This is just gorgeous. I really like your works.

  3. What? And I am making only css grid hahaha... Good work!

  4. Hi Liam, checking from my iPhone it’s really vertically distorted. Is the body height 10000px a bug or something on purpose ? It’s much better set to 100%....

  5. @ge1doot 10000px is here for testing the parallax effect. The scrolling looks very neat.

  6. @lawenard hi thanks, I will try it again from my laptop.

  7. yeesh man idk how you keep outdoing yourself

    simply stunning

  8. Anton @BayandinAnton on

    Wow! Its magic!

  9. Impressive!

  10. Impressive. Reminds me of Street Fighter, Ryu vs Sagat :D

  11. That is cool..what is the best way to insert a logo?

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