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                <h1>About Us</h1>
<p>She Codes is a movement focussed on empowering women to enter tech careers. We are powered by innovation hub, Spacecubed.</p>
<p>She Codes is on a mission to to teach women coding skills, get women into technical careers, and build communities of like-minded women. Our vision is to increase diversity in tech by inspiring 100,000 women across Australia by 2025.</p>
<h2>About the Team</h2>
<h3>Kate Kirwin</h3>
<img src="" />
<p>Kate Kirwin is the founder and lead organiser of She Codes. Kate is a passionate advocate for women in STEM and innovation - running hackathons, accelerators and entrepreneur programs for Spacecubed. She is also passionate about providing opportunities for people in regional Australia.</p>

<h3>Holly Keogh</h3>
<img src="" />
<p>Holly is our Community and Operations Lead for She Codes, she uses her strong background in customer service and community to grow our programs and build strong and meaningful connections within our cohorts. Holly has successfully delivered over 20 projects with Spacecubed just a year into her role, spanning three states and 6 locations.</p>


                p {
	width: 50%;