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    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">

    <title>Silly story generator</title>


    body {
      font-family: helvetica, sans-serif;
      width: 750px;
    label {
      font-weight: bold;

    div {
      padding-bottom: 20px;

    input[type="text"] {
      padding: 5px;
      width: 150px;

    p {
      background: #FFC125;
      color: #5E2612;
      padding: 10px;
      visibility: hidden;

      <label for="customname">Enter custom name:</label>
      <input id="customname" type="text" placeholder="">
      <label for="us">US</label><input id="us" type="radio" name="ukus" value="us" checked>
      <label for="uk">UK</label><input id="uk" type="radio" name="ukus" value="uk">
      <button class="randomize">Generate random story</button>
    <!-- Thanks a lot to Willy Aguirre for his help with the code for this assessment -->
    <p class="story"></p>


 * - Add any styles you want here!

body {
  background: #D9D9D9;


                const customName = document.getElementById('customname');
const randomize = document.querySelector('.randomize');
const story = document.querySelector('.story');

function randomValueFromArray(array){
  const random = Math.floor(Math.random()*array.length);
  return array[random];

let storyText = 'It was 94 fahrenheit outside, so :insertx: went for a walk. When they got to :inserty:, they stared in horror for a few moments, then :insertz:. Bob saw the whole thing, but was not surprised — :insertx: weighs 300 pounds, and it was a hot day.';
let insertX = ['Willy the Goblin','Big Daddy','Father Christmas'];
let insertY = ['the soup kitchen','Disneyland','the White House'];
let insertZ = ['spontaneously combusted','melted into a puddle on the sidewalk','turned into a slug and crawled away'];

randomize.addEventListener('click', result);

function result() {
  let newStory = storyText;

  let xItem = randomValueFromArray(insertX);
  let yItem = randomValueFromArray(insertY);
  let zItem = randomValueFromArray(insertZ);

  newStory = newStory.replace(':insertx:',xItem);
  newStory = newStory.replace(':insertx:',xItem);
  newStory = newStory.replace(':inserty:',yItem);
  newStory = newStory.replace(':insertz:',zItem);

  if(customName.value !== '') {
    const name = customName.value;
    newStory = newStory.replace('Bob',name);

  if(document.getElementById("uk").checked) {
    const weight = Math.round(300*0.0714286) + ' stone';
    const temperature =  Math.round((94-32) * (5/9)) + ' centigrade';
    newStory = newStory.replace('94 fahrenheit',temperature);
    newStory = newStory.replace('300 pounds',weight);

  story.textContent = newStory; = 'visible';