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<meta name="description" content=" Build interaction and animation prototypes - Material Design with Framer.js " />
<meta name="keywords" content="Material Design , Material ,CSS effects,styles,CSS3 border, Responsive tabs, tabs,
modern, web design, rwd, responsive web design,responsive,HTML5, CSS,StyleSheets, CSS transforms,CSS Animations, Animations  " />
<title>How to Build interaction & animation - Material Design with Framer.js</title>
<h2>Building interaction and animation prototypes - Material Design with Framer.js</h2>

<center><img title=" How to build interaction and animation prototypes - Material Design with Framer.js "  alt='How to build interaction and animation prototypes - Material Design with Framer.js' src='http://assets.materialup.com/uploads/6a9e8daf-7310-4ee0-8350-e6d5a3154066/mdesign.gif'>
<h3>What is Framer.js framework</h3>
<p class="big">
<a href="https://framerjs.com" target="_blank">Framer.js</a> is a new creative tool to build interaction and animation prototypes. Design for Any Device. Invent, design and experiment with interaction. 
As motion and animations become more and more important in UI design, designers have started searching for the best tools to help them add a layer of interactivity to their work. You might have heard about After Effects, Quartz Composer or Xcode before in this context.
Framer is a new framework for making interactive prototypes for desktop and mobile. Framer hits a great spot balancing speed and flexibility, and has an easier learning curve than Quartz Compose or Xcode as it’s based on familiar tools and languages. 
Framer.js is an open source JavaScript framework for rapid prototyping. Framer.js allows you to define animations and interactions, complete with filters, spring physics, 3D effects and more. It's bundled with Framer Generator, an application that allows you to import layers directly out of Photoshop and Sketch. 
<h3>Ressources on Framer.js framework</h3>
<a href="https://framerjs.com" target="_blank">Framer.js Website</a> - https://framerjs.com
<a href="https://hackdesign.org/lessons/41" target="_blank">Prototyping Advanced Mobile Interactions with Framer</a> 
by Cemre Güngör, Founder, Branch.com - @gem_ray <br>
<a href="https://github.com/koenbok/Framer" target="_blank">Framer on GitHub</a><br>
<a href="https://framerjs.com/static/downloads/Framer.zip" target="_blank">Download (Framer.js & Framer Generator)</a>: https://framerjs.com/static/downloads/Framer.zip 
<a href="https://vimeo.com/74712901" target="_blank">Introduction to Framer.JS - vIDEO</a><br> 
Full introduction for the Framer prototyping framework.<br> 
In this video, Koen Bok, the creator of Framer, explains why being able to prototype motion and interactions is really important for designers, and why the current tools that we are using for interactive design are hindering our workflow. 
<a href="https://examples.framerjs.com/#google-now-overview.framer" target="_blank">Google Now</a><br>
By Noah Levin www.nlevin.com <br>
A demo made by a designer at Google who prototyped the transitions of Google Now using Framer.<br>
<a href="https://framerjs.com/examples/" target="_blank">Examples Made with Framer</a><br>
Demos made with Framer<br> 
Framer's handy live editor lets you examine and tweak example code. To get inspiration about different sorts of things you can do with Framer, check out these examples. 
You can modify the code on the left pane to see how it affects the prototype. 
<a href="http://www.materialup.com/posts/material-design-with-framer-js" target="_blank">Material Design with Framer.js</a><br>
mobile app by Min-Sang Choi, Interaction Designer @Google<br>
https://bit.ly/1BiyEen http://www.materialup.com/posts/material-design-with-framer-js<br> 

              html, body {background:silver !important;}
p.big {font-size:16px;margin:20px;}  h2 {font-size:24px;color: blue;}  pre{font-size:16px;color:red;} h3 {font-size:20px;color: blue;} h4 {font-size:18px;color: blue;}
@charset "utf-8";
@viewport {width: auto; height: extend-to-zoom 100%; zoom:1; user-zoom: zoom; orientation: auto;} /* bit.ly/1orGydH */
@-ms-viewport { width: auto; height: extend-to-zoom 100%; zoom:1; user-zoom: zoom;orientation: auto;} /* bit.ly/1pKhdZD bit.ly/1h7ARJg */
@-o-viewport { width: auto; height: extend-to-zoom 100%; zoom:1; user-zoom: zoom;orientation: auto;}
How to Build interaction & animation - Material Design with Framer.js

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