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I kept hearing about machine learning being used for evil and wanted to use it for something good. Social media posts typically don't have a way to enter alt text and the only users I see that reliably remember to add descriptions to the post are accessibility experts or blind people. Hopefully this allows good alt text to be a bit more ubiquitous. You can find more information on how Azure's Computer Vision API works, as well as how to use it in your own projects here:


  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful intention! <3

  2. Just a random thought, given how Microsoft Azure has a Computer Vision API and a sentiment analysis API, I think it would be super cool if they made a screen reader that reads the complete screen (converting images to text) and also reads it in an expressive voice (through sentiment analysis) rather than just monotonous

  3. Thanks Sarah to built and share this kick ass Generator. Sweet.

  4. Super freaking cool.

  5. This is the funniest thing ever I just uploaded a picture with a text and the text was PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS and your tool said it was a guy with a military uniform and the text says: "PIAYERLINHNOWN'S". I was laughing so hard at that :D This tool is awesome! Great work :) Just needs a little optimization :D

  6. Um. Whoa.

  7. Thank you for producing such a useful tool!

  8. This is fantastic!

  9. Wow this is incredible!

  10. Wow this is great Sarah!

  11. doesnt seem to be working ??

  12. Yeah unfortunately these require an API key now so this pen no longer works. You can see cherrypicked or embellished demonstrations here they contain descriptions like "young man riding a skateboard" or "line drawing with a face".

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