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Using the browser's native API for .toLocaleTimeString to get rid of libraries like moment.js for world time that respects daylight savings. Made with Vue, SVG, GreenSock, and 🤘🏼

The dial was built off of this dribbble shot with minor tweaks: https://dribbble.com/shots/2196737-Day-048-Speedometer and the graphic was a purchased game backround


  1. wow :o this is the next level of awesome 😍

  2. Incredible! Great work @sdras.

  3. This is absolutely amazing Sarah!!

  4. Great job, i can't stop playing with it!

  5. Very nice! If you could afford different backgrounds, you could change the background to match the timezone ...

  6. That looks amazing! Nice work :) . Theres a bit of a glitch where it flickers to day and then back to night when its already on night. But those background animations are awesome, i've been wanting to do something like this so thanks!

  7. Can the background just be an image? I'd love to use something like this for a project I'm doing...

  8. @GreggOD oh interesting, I'll have to check that out, thanks for point it out.

  9. @PoppiesBlooming the background is an image- it's an SVG :)

  10. wow, so nice!

  11. Please add "Kolkata, India" => UTC+5:30 :)

    ... Thanks Harry,

    New Delhi, India!

  12. blown away by this! Love it!

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