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                <h1>"Paragraph" tests</h1>
	I'm a paragraph</div>

<p>I'm also a paragraph</p>

	<p>I'm a paragraph</p>
	And so am I.

	<li>i'm a paragraph in a list item</li>
	<li><p>as am i</p></li>
	<li><div>as am i</div></li>
	<li><address>me too</address></li>

	<p>JAWS treats every line of text above as a paragraph which can be accessed via the <kbd>P</kbd> shortcut key.</p>
	<p>NVDA using <kbd>ctrl + down arrow</kbd> or just <kbd>down arrow</kbd> treats every line similarly. The former keys will result in NVDA navigating to the "bullet", prior to the text of the listitem/'paragraph'.  But, that's more due to the way NVDA handles navigating to block-level elements. If the styles of these elements were changed to `display: inline`, then there would be no specific stop on the bullet and then the text that follows.</p>
	<p>Narrator allows for navigating by paragraphs (<kbd>caps lock</kbd> + <kbd>control</kbd> + <kbd>up</kbd> or <kbd>down</kbd> arrow, select "paragraph" and then use <kbd>Ins</kbd> + <kbd>right</kbd> or <kbd>left</kbd> arrow).  All "paragraphs" are included when navigating by paragraphs.... even headings.  </p>
	<p>VoiceOver on macOS doesn't do specific navigation by paragraph (documentation says to use <kbd>VO</kbd>+<kbd>P</kbd>, but that dosn't appear to work anymore with macOS 11.6 and default VO settings?).  Rather pressing <kbd>VO</kbd> + <kbd>Command</kbd> + <kbd>P</kbd> navigates by "plain text", which includes all the examples except for the italicized content within <code>address</code>.  Get rid of that default styling though, it will be included.


                // li > * { display: inline}\

// address { font-style: inherit; }