<section aria-labelledby="taking-down-tent">
  <h2 id="taking-down-tent">Taking down your tent</h2>
  <ol reversed>
    <li>Keep your tent clean while you camp.</li>
    <li>Move your items out of the tent.</li>
    <li>Tear down the rain-fly.</li>
    <li>Unpeg the tent from the ground.</li>
    <li>Remove the poles from the frame.</li>
    <li>Keep all of the tent parts in one place.</li>
    <li>Fold up ground cloth.</li>
    <li>Nealty return all tent items to the carrying bag.</li>
    <li>Scan the campsite for anything you might have missed.</li>
      <a href="https://www.wikihow.com/Assemble-a-Tent">Assemble a tent on WikiHow</a>
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