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              <div style="width:880px;margin:25px auto;text-align:center;">

    <div style="display:block;margin-bottom:50px;overflow:hidden;">
        <h1 style="font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:22px;">Linear gradient examples</h1>

        <div class="gradient blue-linear"></div>    <!-- Blue linear -->
        <div class="gradient green-linear"></div>   <!-- Green linear -->

    <div style="display:block;margin-bottom:50px;overflow:hidden;">
        <h1 style="font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:22px;">Radial gradient examples</h1>

        <div class="gradient red-radial"></div>     <!-- Red radial -->
        <div class="gradient orange-radial"></div>  <!-- Orange radial -->

    Author: Ryan Fitton (
    Date: 04/01/2019
    This is an example of how CSS3 gradients can be used as a background for HTML elements.
    This has been browser tested and works in all latest versions of Chrome, FireFox, Safari, iOS and Android browsers. It even works in Internet Explorer 10+ (Anything below this will use the solid fall-back colour or MS filters.)

    This SitePoint article helped with a lot of the mixin coding:

    Functions for Gradients

        Convert to IE Hex String (ie-hex-str)
    @function custom_ieHexStr($value) {
        //Default variables
        $result: null;
        //Convert $value to IE Hex String
        $result: ie-hex-str($value);
        //Return the result
        @return $result;
        Convert angle
        @param {Number} $value - Value to convert
        @param {String} $unit - Unit to convert to
        @return {Number} Converted angle
    @function custom_convert-angle($value, $unit) {
        $convertable-units:deg grad turn rad;
        $conversion-factors:1 (10grad/9deg) (1turn/360deg) (3.1415926rad/180deg);

        @if index($convertable-units, unit($value)) and index($convertable-units, $unit) {
            @return $value
            / nth($conversion-factors, index($convertable-units, unit($value)))
            * nth($conversion-factors, index($convertable-units, $unit));

        @warn "Cannot convert `#{unit($value)}` to `#{$unit}`.";

        Test if `$value` is an angle
        @param {*} $value - Value to test
        @return {Bool}
    @function custom_is-direction($value) {
        $is-direction:index((to top, to top right, to right top, to right, to bottom right, to right bottom, to bottom, to bottom left, to left bottom, to left, to left top, to top left), $value);
        $is-angle:type-of($value) == 'number' and index('deg' 'grad' 'turn' 'rad', unit($value));

        @return $is-direction or $is-angle;

        Convert a direction to legacy syntax
        @param {Keyword | Angle} $value - Value to convert
        @require {function} custom_is-direction
        @require {function} custom_convert-angle
    @function custom_legacy-direction($value) {
        @if custom_is-direction($value) == false {
            @warn "Cannot convert `#{$value}` to legacy syntax because it doesn't seem to be an angle or a direction";

        $conversion-map: ( 
            to top          : bottom,
            to top right    : bottom left,
            to right top    : left bottom,
            to right        : left,
            to bottom right : top left,
            to right bottom : left top,
            to bottom       : top,
            to bottom left  : top right,
            to left bottom  : right top,
            to left         : right,
            to left top     : right bottom,
            to top left     : bottom right

        @if map-has-key($conversion-map, $value) {
            @return map-get($conversion-map, $value);

        @return 90deg - custom_convert-angle($value, 'deg');

    Mixins for Gradients - 

        Linear Gradient

        Mixin printing a linear-gradient as well as a plain color fallback and the `-webkit-` prefixed declaration
        @param {String} $color-fallback - Fallback color
        @param {String | List | Angle} $direction - Linear gradient direction
        @param {Color} $ie-gradient-color-start - The IE gradient filter start color.
        @param {Color} $ie-gradient-color-end - The IE gradient filter end color.
        @param {Arglist} $color-stops - List of color-stops composing the gradient. Should be in an RGBa format.
    @mixin custom_linear-gradient($color-fallback, $direction, $ie-gradient-color-start, $ie-gradient-color-end, $color-stops...) {
        @if custom_is-direction($direction) == false {
            //$color-stops:($direction, $color-stops); - Not required, this causes errors with the IE gradient filters
            $direction:180deg; //Default direction is vertical

        /***** Background colours *****/
            //Fallback colour
                Disabled as all modern browsers should use 'Vendor Prefixes', or the standard version. IE 8 to IE9 will use the filters. Note: IE9 will used this as it does not support CSS3 'linear-gradients, this is the reason why this has been disabled.
                By not enabling this, IE9 will flicker on dropdown tabs with no dropdown menus

            //Vendor prefixes
            background:-moz-linear-gradient(custom_legacy-direction($direction), $color-stops);        //FireFox 3.5
            background:-webkit-linear-gradient(custom_legacy-direction($direction), $color-stops);     //Chrome, Safari, newer versions of Opera, almost all iOS browsers (including Firefox for iOS)
            background:-ms-linear-gradient(custom_legacy-direction($direction), $color-stops);         //Internet Explorer 10 to 11

            //All modern browsers
            background: linear-gradient($direction, $color-stops);

        /***** Filters for IE8 and IE9 *****/
            //Colours for the IE filter gradients - Convert to Internet Explorer Hex String
            $ieGradientStartColor: custom_ieHexStr( $ie-gradient-color-start );
            $ieGradientLastColor: custom_ieHexStr( $ie-gradient-color-end );
            //No longer used:
                //Find the first colour in the '$color-stops' ArgList
                //$ieGradientStartColor: custom_ieHexStr( nth($color-stops,1) );

                //Find the last colour in the '$color-stops' ArgList
                //$ieGradientLastColor: custom_ieHexStr( nth($color-stops,length($color-stops)) );

            //Filters for IE8 and IE9 - These will be overlayed over 'background'. They will also prevent 'border-radius' corners from appearing
            filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr=#{$ieGradientStartColor}, endColorstr=#{$ieGradientLastColor},GradientType=0);
            -ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr=#{$ieGradientStartColor}, endColorstr=#{$ieGradientLastColor},GradientType=0)";

        Radial Gradient

        Mixin printing a radial-gradient as well as a plain color fallback
        This will work in most modern browsers and IE11+
        There is some filters setup for IE8 and IE9, they dont produce the best result, but its better than nothing!
        @param {String} $color-fallback - Fallback color
        @param {Arglist} $color-stops - List of color-stops composing the gradient
    @mixin custom_radial-gradient($color-fallback, $color-stops...) {
        background:$color-fallback;                           //Default background, this is used by the IE filter
        //background:nth($color-stops,length($color-stops));  //Not used: Use the last 'color-stop' for the IE filter instead
        background:radial-gradient(circle, $color-stops);
        //Filters for IE8 and IE9
        filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(opacity=65, finishopacity=100, style=2);
        -ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(opacity=65, finishopacity=100, style=2)";

    Sass (SCSS) code

    /* Colours */
    $green:       #78BA00;
    $lightGreen:  lighten($green, 75%);
    $blue:        #29B1FE;
    $lightBlue:   lighten($blue, 25%);
    $red:         #ea4848;
    $orange:      #FF8010;

    /* Graidents */
    .gradient {
        //On-screen styling
        width: 400px;
        height: 400px;
        margin: 20px;

        //Blue linear gradient
        &.blue-linear {
                Fallback color:         rgba($blue, 1)
                Direction:              false
                IE Filter Start Color:  rgba($blue, 1)
                IE Filter End Color:    rgba($lightBlue, 1)
                Colour Stops:           rgba($blue, 1), rgba($lightBlue, 1)
            @include custom_linear-gradient(
                rgba($blue, 1),         //Fallback color
                false,                  //Direction
                rgba($blue, 1),         //IE Filter Start Color
                rgba($lightBlue, 1),    //IE Filter End Color
                //Colour Stops
                rgba($blue, 1), rgba($lightBlue, 1)
        //Green linear gradient
        &.green-linear {
                Fallback color:         rgba($green, 1)
                Direction:              to right
                IE Filter Start Color:  rgba($green, 1)
                IE Filter End Color:    rgba($lightGreen, 1)
                Colour Stops:           rgba($green, 1), rgba($lightGreen, 1)
            @include custom_linear-gradient(
                rgba($green, 1),        //Fallback color
                to right,               //Direction
                rgba($green, 1),        //IE Filter Start Color
                rgba($lightGreen, 1),   //IE Filter End Color
                //Colour Stops
                rgba($green, 1), rgba($lightGreen, 1)

        //Red radial gradient
        &.red-radial {
                Fallback color:         $red - This fallback colour must be a Hex value.
                Colour Stops:           rgba($red, 0.7), rgba($red, 0.72), rgba($red, 0.74), rgba($red, 0.85), rgba($red, 1)
            @include custom_radial-gradient(
                $red,                   //Fallback color - Must be Hex value for IE filter
                //Colour Stops
                rgba($red, 0.2), rgba($red, 0.4), rgba($red, 0.74), rgba($red, 0.85), rgba($red, 1)
        //Orange radial gradient
        &.orange-radial {
                Fallback color:         $orange - This fallback colour must be a Hex value.
                Colour Stops:           rgba($orange, 0.7), rgba($orange, 0.72), rgba($orange, 0.74), rgba($orange, 0.85), rgba($orange, 1)
            @include custom_radial-gradient(
                $orange,                //Fallback color - Must be Hex value for IE filter
                //Colour Stops
                rgba($orange, 1), rgba($orange, 0.6), rgba($orange, 0.2), rgba($orange, 0), rgba($orange, 0)
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