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Here you can Sed posuere consectetur est at lobortis. Donec ullamcorper nulla non metus auctor fringilla. Maecenas sed diam eget risus varius blandit sit amet non magna. Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et.

              <!doctype html>
<html amp lang="en">
		<meta charset="utf-8">
		<script async src="https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0.js"></script>
		<script async custom-element="amp-bind" src="https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0/amp-bind-0.1.js"></script>
		<title>Intrinisc Image Test</title>
		<link rel="canonical" href="https://codepen.io/ryanfitton/pen/VwZpQVx">
		<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,minimum-scale=1,initial-scale=1">
		<style amp-boilerplate>body{-webkit-animation:-amp-start 8s steps(1,end) 0s 1 normal both;-moz-animation:-amp-start 8s steps(1,end) 0s 1 normal both;-ms-animation:-amp-start 8s steps(1,end) 0s 1 normal both;animation:-amp-start 8s steps(1,end) 0s 1 normal both}@-webkit-keyframes -amp-start{from{visibility:hidden}to{visibility:visible}}@-moz-keyframes -amp-start{from{visibility:hidden}to{visibility:visible}}@-ms-keyframes -amp-start{from{visibility:hidden}to{visibility:visible}}@-o-keyframes -amp-start{from{visibility:hidden}to{visibility:visible}}@keyframes -amp-start{from{visibility:hidden}to{visibility:visible}}</style><noscript><style amp-boilerplate>body{-webkit-animation:none;-moz-animation:none;-ms-animation:none;animation:none}</style></noscript>

		<style amp-custom>
				Default WordPress CSS classes - https://codex.wordpress.org/CSS
			.alignnone {
				margin: 5px 20px 20px 0;

			div.aligncenter {
				display: block;
				margin: 5px auto 5px auto;

			.alignright {
				margin: 5px 0 20px 20px;

			.alignleft {
				float: left;
				margin: 5px 20px 20px 0;

			a img.alignright {
				float: right;
				margin: 5px 0 20px 20px;

			a img.alignnone {
				margin: 5px 20px 20px 0;

			a img.alignleft {
				float: left;
				margin: 5px 20px 20px 0;

			a img.aligncenter {
				display: block;
				margin-left: auto;
				margin-right: auto;

			.wp-caption {
				background: #fff;
				border: 1px solid #f0f0f0;
				max-width: 96%; /* Image does not overflow the content area */
				padding: 5px 3px 10px;
				text-align: center;

			.wp-caption.alignnone {
				margin: 5px 20px 20px 0;

			.wp-caption.alignleft {
				margin: 5px 20px 20px 0;

			.wp-caption.alignright {
				margin: 5px 0 20px 20px;

			.wp-caption img {
				border: 0 none;
				height: auto;
				margin: 0;
				max-width: 98.5%;
				padding: 0;
				width: auto;

			.wp-caption p.wp-caption-text {
				font-size: 11px;
				line-height: 17px;
				margin: 0;
				padding: 0 4px 5px;

			/* Text meant only for screen readers. */
			.screen-reader-text {
				border: 0;
				clip: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px);
				clip-path: inset(50%);
				height: 1px;
				margin: -1px;
				overflow: hidden;
				padding: 0;
				position: absolute !important;
				width: 1px;
				word-wrap: normal !important; /* Many screen reader and browser combinations announce broken words as they would appear visually. */

			.screen-reader-text:focus {
				background-color: #eee;
				clip: auto !important;
				clip-path: none;
				color: #444;
				display: block;
				font-size: 1em;
				height: auto;
				left: 5px;
				line-height: normal;
				padding: 15px 23px 14px;
				text-decoration: none;
				top: 5px;
				width: auto;
				z-index: 100000;
				/* Above WP toolbar. */

				Default CSS from AMP WP plugin - https://github.com/ampproject/amp-wp/blob/develop/assets/css/src/amp-default.css.  THis would be automatically added by the WP AMP plugin: https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/amp/
			amp-img.amp-wp-enforced-sizes[layout="intrinsic"] > img,
			amp-anim.amp-wp-enforced-sizes[layout="intrinsic"] > img {
				object-fit: contain;

			amp-fit-text blockquote,
			amp-fit-text h1,
			amp-fit-text h2,
			amp-fit-text h3,
			amp-fit-text h4,
			amp-fit-text h5,
			amp-fit-text h6 {
				font-size: inherit;

			* Override a style rule in Twenty Sixteen and Twenty Seventeen.
			* It set display:none for audio elements.
			* This selector is the same, though it adds body and uses amp-audio instead of audio.
			body amp-audio:not([controls]) {
				display: inline-block;
				height: auto;

			* Style the default template messages for submit-success, submit-error, and submitting. These elements are inserted
			* by the form sanitizer when a POST form lacks the action-xhr attribute.
			.amp-wp-default-form-message > p {
				margin: 1em 0;
				padding: 0.5em;

			.amp-wp-default-form-message[submitting] > p,
			.amp-wp-default-form-message[submit-success] > p.amp-wp-form-redirecting {
				font-style: italic;

			.amp-wp-default-form-message[submit-success] > p:not(.amp-wp-form-redirecting) {
				border: solid 1px #008000;
				background-color: #90ee90;
				color: #000;

			.amp-wp-default-form-message[submit-error] > p {
				border: solid 1px #f00;
				background-color: #ffb6c1;
				color: #000;

			/* Prevent showing empty success message in the case of an AMP-Redirect-To response header. */
			.amp-wp-default-form-message[submit-success] > p:empty {
				display: none;

			*  WordPress Image Intrinsic layout fix (IE 10 and 11)
			*  Fixes an issue with the WordPress AMP plugin converting all images which are not 'alignwide' or '.alignfull' to an Intrinsic layout
			*  More info:
			*    - Same issue: https://github.com/ampproject/amphtml/issues/18652
			*    - https://github.com/ampproject/amphtml/issues/17635
			*    - https://github.com/ampproject/amphtml/issues/17652
			@media screen and (-ms-high-contrast: active), screen and (-ms-high-contrast: none) {

				/*Standard CSS format:*/
				.wp-block-image figure:not(.alignwide):not(.alignfull) {
					overflow: hidden!important;

				/*Causes issue - not valid amp, cannot use this name*/
					.wp-block-image figure:not(.alignwide):not(.alignfull) amp-img .i-amphtml-intrinsic-sizer {
						overflow: hidden!important;
						visibility: hidden!important;

				.wp-block-image figure:not(.alignwide):not(.alignfull) amp-img img {
					width: auto!important;
					height: auto!important;
					min-width: 0!important;
					min-height: 0!important;
					max-width: 100%!important;
					max-height: 100%!important;
					position: relative!important;
					margin-top:-25px!important;		/*This fixes the issue with 'i-amphtml-sizer'*/



		<div class="wp-block-image">
			<figure class="alignright">
				<amp-img src="https://placekitten.com/300/200" alt="" class="amp-wp-enforced-sizes"
					srcset="https://placekitten.com/300/200 300w, https://placekitten.com/150/100 150w, http://placekitten.com/165/110 165w, https://placekitten.com/360/240 360w"
					width="300" height="200" layout="intrinsic"></amp-img>

		<h1>WordPress Image Intrinsic layout fix (IE 10 and 11)</h1>
		<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas dapibus et erat eleifend fermentum. Nulla eget
		efficitur libero, eu molestie massa. Donec mauris justo, dignissim in efficitur ac, dictum rutrum sem. Nulla est
		maximus a leo non, pretium iaculis nisi. Morbi auctor ante mollis, scelerisque sem vel, congue felis. Integer
		erat nec metus gravida finibus. Nunc sed porta mi, nec elementum dolor.</p>

		<p>Donec purus dolor, pellentesque eu eleifend malesuada, faucibus sed arcu. Aliquam velit erat, imperdiet sed sagittis
		tincidunt, laoreet non arcu. Curabitur et dui porttitor, luctus est in, tincidunt tortor. Mauris scelerisque, ligula
		dapibus convallis, risus est posuere risus, in rhoncus felis nibh ac erat. Etiam sit amet nisi vitae ligula varius
		dictum. Donec porttitor diam et justo lacinia maximus. Suspendisse ornare feugiat orci, quis venenatis urna
		id. Morbi mattis ante et tempor commodo. Nunc nec massa molestie tellus congue fermentum. Donec pellentesque porta
		mauris ut laoreet. In quis est commodo, malesuada risus placerat, iaculis risus.</p>

		<p>Morbi tincidunt elit vulputate risus faucibus molestie. Maecenas ut porta tellus. Quisque dui risus, gravida id sem
		tempor volutpat metus. Cras quis mattis nibh. Integer sit amet massa vitae odio vulputate scelerisque. Quisque
		felis et dolor mattis, a faucibus ex sagittis. Mauris laoreet, neque eu convallis lobortis, justo mauris tincidunt
		non condimentum metus mauris tincidunt turpis. Vivamus quis lacinia magna. Suspendisse dictum elit sit amet massa
		ultricies, in volutpat erat malesuada. Integer enim mauris, vehicula quis libero sit amet, sollicitudin volutpat

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