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Playing around with the VerletJS physics engine.


  1. Love this one Dave...

  2. Where's the squash button? :)

  3. This is so cool!

  4. Nice work! This is very well done. I love it

  5. This was originally done by subprotocol about a year ago and is available on github, its one of the default examples that comes with verlet.js he did an awesome job on the demo!

  6. Amazing!! Is funny when you grab the spider

  7. Very scary.

  8. the real trick is if you can pull the spider off the web and toss him from one side of the screen to the other hard enough so he doesn't have time to grab the web

  9. vorillaz @TheodoreVorillas on


  10. Super cool! Even when I don't like spiders very much.. :) Incredible what you can do with JS these days. Very well done, Dave!

  11. I pulled it off the web! :) Amazing work!

  12. Love this

  13. wow thats creepy. and awesome

  14. I think I killed it :D

  15. fuck.. that's insane

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