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Inspired by Ch3mical.com.

I saw this accordion at Paul Kelley's website. He had used jQuery and images to achieve the effect. I decided to take a CSS3 approach and use elements instead of images. I have use Genericons font for the social networking icons.


  1. If i move my mouse in from the right its super flickery; put the hover effects in an animation and use the delay method. This will remove the flickering! :-) v.nice though good job!

  2. @mattsince87 Thank you so much for the feedback, Matt! I will improve this demo with your suggestion. You mean, I should do the animation using keyframes instead?? I really appreciate your feedback. :D

  3. Awesome design! It's real clean and smooth.

  4. @fixcl Thanks for the suggestion, Marco. Did as suggested. @mattsince87 does it work better now to you?

    @rprojectonline Thank you, Richard. :)

  5. @rrenula Works great for me, but the font doesn't display properly. I just get blocks with text like F2 15 in it.

  6. Yea it's behaving real nice now. I may fork it later and have a little play :)

  7. I tried to use this code for my wesbite. but the images does not show up. also its not working for me.

    can you please help in this regard. I would like to use the same for my website. BTW nice stuff dude :) Thanks

  8. How can I make the first tab be open by default and close as others are selected?

  9. I remember building the ch3mical site years ago in the cafe at the agency I worked at for a friend. That's before browsers had great CSS3 support. Nice to see it someone did a non JS/jQuery version of this.

  10. Also @keyframe is a viable option but you will still need JavaScript to listen for the CSS animation callbacks and hope they're fully supported by all modern browser vendors. E.g. animation-play-state is a great place to start as well.

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