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Here you can Sed posuere consectetur est at lobortis. Donec ullamcorper nulla non metus auctor fringilla. Maecenas sed diam eget risus varius blandit sit amet non magna. Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et.

              <!-- NOTE:
added abbreviations
added "amount" and calculations for it
added default selections

<div class="container" id="the-container">
    <h2>CRYPTO to USD</h2>

    <form class="form-inline" id="search-form">
     <div class ="row" id="the-row">
       <div class ="col col-md-2">
        <input type="text" class="form-control" id="amountQuery" placeholder="Enter amount">
       <div class ="col col-md-9">
      <select class="select2 float-left" name="coin" id="query">
      <button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary">Submit</button>

<div class="container" id="results-container">
              #the-container {
  padding: 5% 0 0 5%;

#the-row {
  width: 100%

#amountQuery {
  height: 93%;
  width: 100%;
  border: solid 1px #A9A9A9;
  margin-top: -1px;

.form-inline {
  width: 100%;
#query {
  border: solid lightgrey;

.btn {
  margin: 3vh 0 3vh 0;

#results-container {
  padding-left: 5%;
 * Exercise:
 * Please choose any open API and create a search form to look for
 * dogs, news, cars, whatever.
 * Here's a list of open APIs that return JSON data:
 * https://github.com/toddmotto/public-apis
 * If you want to do yourself a favour, please choose an API
 * where the "Auth" column says "apiKey" or "No".
 * Steps to achieve:
 *  - Create a Bootstrap form to search for a query string
 *  - Create a class to get the data from the API (remember what callbacks are?)
 *  - Create a second class to handle the form and use the first class to get the data

/***** PUT THIS SOMEWHERE BETTER ***********/

const allCurrencies = [{"id":"bitcoin","text":"Bitcoin BTC"},{"id":"ethereum","text":"Ethereum ETH"},{"id":"bitcoin-cash","text":"Bitcoin Cash BCH"},{"id":"iota","text":"IOTA MIOTA"},{"id":"ripple","text":"Ripple XRP"},{"id":"dash","text":"Dash DASH"},{"id":"litecoin","text":"Litecoin LTC"},{"id":"bitcoin-gold","text":"Bitcoin Gold BTG"},{"id":"monero","text":"Monero XMR"},{"id":"cardano","text":"Cardano ADA"},{"id":"ethereum-classic","text":"Ethereum Classic ETC"},{"id":"stellar","text":"Stellar Lumens XLM"},{"id":"nem","text":"NEM XEM"},{"id":"eos","text":"EOS EOS"},{"id":"neo","text":"NEO NEO"},{"id":"bitconnect","text":"BitConnect BCC"},{"id":"monacoin","text":"MonaCoin MONA"},{"id":"lisk","text":"Lisk LSK"},{"id":"zcash","text":"Zcash ZEC"},{"id":"omisego","text":"OmiseGO OMG"},{"id":"qtum","text":"Qtum QTUM"},{"id":"tether","text":"Tether USDT"},{"id":"waves","text":"Waves WAVES"},{"id":"stratis","text":"Stratis STRAT"},{"id":"populous","text":"Populous PPT"},{"id":"hshare","text":"Hshare HSR"},{"id":"ardor","text":"Ardor ARDR"},{"id":"bitshares","text":"BitShares BTS"},{"id":"einsteinium","text":"Einsteinium EMC2"},{"id":"bytecoin-bcn","text":"Bytecoin BCN"},{"id":"ark","text":"Ark ARK"},{"id":"nxt","text":"Nxt NXT"},{"id":"augur","text":"Augur REP"},{"id":"vertcoin","text":"Vertcoin VTC"},{"id":"steem","text":"Steem STEEM"},{"id":"decred","text":"Decred DCR"},{"id":"qash","text":"QASH QASH"},{"id":"komodo","text":"Komodo KMD"},{"id":"salt","text":"SALT SALT"},{"id":"dogecoin","text":"Dogecoin DOGE"},{"id":"golem-network-tokens","text":"Golem GNT"},{"id":"veritaseum","text":"Veritaseum VERI"},{"id":"maidsafecoin","text":"MaidSafeCoin MAID"},{"id":"pivx","text":"PIVX PIVX"},{"id":"siacoin","text":"Siacoin SC"},{"id":"binance-coin","text":"Binance Coin BNB"},{"id":"tenx","text":"TenX PAY"},{"id":"status","text":"Status SNT"},{"id":"factom","text":"Factom FCT"},{"id":"power-ledger","text":"Power Ledger POWR"},{"id":"walton","text":"Walton WTC"},{"id":"digixdao","text":"DigixDAO DGD"},{"id":"syscoin","text":"Syscoin SYS"},{"id":"basic-attention-token","text":"Basic Attention Token BAT"},{"id":"bitcoindark","text":"BitcoinDark BTCD"},{"id":"exchange-union","text":"Exchange Union XUC"},{"id":"kyber-network","text":"Kyber Network KNC"},{"id":"santiment","text":"Santiment Network Token SAN"},{"id":"zcoin","text":"ZCoin XZC"},{"id":"byteball","text":"Byteball Bytes GBYTE"},{"id":"cryptonex","text":"Cryptonex CNX"},{"id":"bytom","text":"Bytom BTM"},{"id":"vechain","text":"VeChain VEN"},{"id":"gas","text":"Gas GAS"},{"id":"tron","text":"TRON TRX"},{"id":"iconomi","text":"Iconomi ICN"},{"id":"gnosis-gno","text":"Gnosis GNO"},{"id":"raiden-network-token","text":"Raiden Network Token RDN"},{"id":"digibyte","text":"DigiByte DGB"},{"id":"gamecredits","text":"GameCredits GAME"},{"id":"aeternity","text":"Aeternity AE"},{"id":"pura","text":"Pura PURA"},{"id":"funfair","text":"FunFair FUN"},{"id":"civic","text":"Civic CVC"},{"id":"blocknet","text":"Blocknet BLOCK"},{"id":"minexcoin","text":"MinexCoin MNX"},{"id":"0x","text":"0x ZRX"},{"id":"monaco","text":"Monaco MCO"},{"id":"nav-coin","text":"NAV Coin NAV"},{"id":"metal","text":"Metal MTL"},{"id":"bancor","text":"Bancor BNT"},{"id":"chainlink","text":"ChainLink LINK"},{"id":"potcoin","text":"PotCoin POT"},{"id":"ethos","text":"Ethos ETHOS"},{"id":"streamr-datacoin","text":"Streamr DATAcoin DATA"},{"id":"verge","text":"Verge XVG"},{"id":"storj","text":"Storj STORJ"},{"id":"gxshares","text":"GXShares GXS"},{"id":"edgeless","text":"Edgeless EDG"},{"id":"nexus","text":"Nexus NXS"},{"id":"metaverse","text":"Metaverse ETP ETP"},{"id":"skycoin","text":"Skycoin SKY"},{"id":"singulardtv","text":"SingularDTV SNGLS"},{"id":"yoyow","text":"YOYOW YOYOW"},{"id":"rchain","text":"RChain RHOC"},{"id":"zencash","text":"ZenCash ZEN"},{"id":"ubiq","text":"Ubiq UBQ"},{"id":"counterparty","text":"Counterparty XCP"},{"id":"substratum","text":"Substratum SUB"},{"id":"adx-net","text":"AdEx ADX"}];

class PriceCheck {
  constructor () {
    this.baseApiURL = 'https://api.coinmarketcap.com/v1/ticker/';
    this.elements = {
      "form": $('#search-form'),
      "queryInput": $('#query'),
      "queryInputAmount": $('#amountQuery'),
      "results": $('#results-container')
    }; /*end of constructor*/
  addCorsHeader() {
    jQuery.ajaxPrefilter(function(options) {
      if (options.crossDomain && jQuery.support.cors) {
          options.url = 'https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/' + options.url;
  } /* end of cors header thing */
  registerFormHandler() {
    this.elements.form.on('submit', (e) => {
      let info = this.elements.queryInput.val().trim();
      let amount = this.elements.queryInputAmount.val().trim();
        .done((data) => {
          let price = parseInt(data[0].price_usd);
          let currency = data[0].name;
          this.elements.results.text(`${amount} ${currency} = ${price * amount} USD`);
         /*delete later */
      /* delete later */
      placeholder: 'Select coin',
      width: "50%",
      data: allCurrencies
    $('#query').on('select2:close', (e) => {
      this.query = $(e.target).val();
  registerEvents() {
    this.elements.form.on('submit', (e) => {
      this.query = this.elements.queryInput.val().trim();
      const isValid = this.validate();
      if (true === isValid) {
  } */ /* end of register events*/
  validate() {
    if (this.query.length === 0) {
      this.error = 'invalid coin';
    } else if (this.query.length < 2) {
      this.error = 'invalid coin';
    if (this.error !== null) {
      this.showError(); /* NEED TO MAKE THIS */
      return false;
    return true;
  } /* end of validate */
  getResultsByQuery(callback) {        
    const apiUrl = `${ this.apiBaseUrl }/${ this.query }`;
    .done((data) => {
      this.result = data;
      if (typeof callback !== 'undefined') {
    .fail((response) => {
      throw new HttpResponseException(
    .always((response) => {
  } /* end of get result by query */
   showResult() {
    /* $("#results-container").html(`${this.result}`);*/

  } /* end of show result */
 }/*end of class*/

new PriceCheck();
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