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Canvas experiment inspired by Muscular Hydrostats (made by Soulwire)


  1. Excelente trabajo @MathiasPaumgarten

  2. How cool!! :D

  3. Che @code_dependant on

    this is awesome!

  4. love. love. love

  5. haha I love it :D

  6. fun to play with!

  7. That's pretty awesome :) Nice work dude!

  8. Well done dude!

  9. Reminds me of an anemone...

  10. Make your mustache!

  11. lol this is so cool !

  12. lol awesome!

  13. nice work & fun to play with

  14. It has a bug where it freezes when you mouseover the general area of the eyes (Chrome 27, Windows 7). Awesome, otherwise!

  15. can't...stop...playing...with...this

  16. Thanks for letting me know @sandwich. I will look into it.

  17. Great work! I'm always excited what cool ideas people have.

  18. Should have the exorcist face behind the hair :P

  19. impressive ! :)

  20. this is very cool

  21. I second the mustache idea :D

  22. this is awesome

  23. Really awesome (:

  24. Color #000000, length 120 and Samara is ready :)

  25. Awesome :D

  26. Looks cool!

  27. Excelent! What if you add 100 times more hairs?

  28. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/mtxAk Loads more hair. Just search for "amount:15" in original source and change as needed!

  29. really neat experiment

  30. someone should do Beard next!

  31. the bug relates to the last hair in the stack looks like. need a sanity check on the object.. "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getOrigin' of undefined "

  32. This wasn't supposed to be cool. I hate you. This is very cool.

  33. Huge potential here. You are brilliant sir! I'm feeling an aquarium coming on ;)

  34. hahahahahahahahahahahahah funnnyyyy

  35. Hahah this is the best @wbarlow play any music

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