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A polymer element image slider.

Slider ported from http://csscience.com/responsiveslidercss3/

Images courtesy of my friend Eliya Selhub http://flickr.com/photos/eliya

This Pen is a fork of Rob Dodson's Pen Polymer Slider.


  1. Is it just me or does the nth-of-type no longer work for content select in chrome 36? this pen works in firefox / safari, and the pen works in chrome if I add class's .first .second etc on the img and change the select to = 'img.first' etc. but just not with the nth-of-type?

    also great the post on css-tricks and your recent talk at google I/O. and this demo is awsome (except for my problem)

    (Edited to add much deserved Kudos!)

  2. Yeah you're right. I need to check to see what's up

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