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A concept for an interactive signup form. I've taken the inspiration by this shot https://dribbble.com/shots/2372516--5-Subscribe-Form

Hope you enjoy :)


  1. See… this is NICE! :)

  2. This is awesome. I'd look into making sure the passwords match and that the email is in an actual email format as a next step (form validation and all). But super cool!

  3. @acjdesigns yeah, I focuced only on the concept, there is a ton to do about the validation :) I'll try to implement it :) thank you btw :)

  4. Very well done. I like the flow. One suggestion: add keyboard handlers for submitting the different steps. Great work!

  5. I like the concept

  6. What did I sign up for

  7. I tried to redo with a little different touch up of color and background color. unsure of what happen but it got stuck for over 5 minutes. Other wise it is nice, but can actually need a little more of explanation as to reason of sign up. a

  8. @Eastside for nothing, it's only a demo :)

  9. This is a fantastic UI concept, very intuitive. Well done for bringing it to life!

    It's okay, I know a demo when I see one ; )

  10. Great job!

  11. @rkpasia I think I know you. You coded for devtips series, Are you the same guy? Nice work man :D

    One tip, proceed to the next step when someone press Enter,

  12. @abhikhatri yeah It's me! Thanks man! :) Glad you recognized me ^^

    @r15amundo @emgo Thanks guys! :)

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