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	h1.s5 CSS vertical rhythm
	p.s0 Testing an adaptive ruleset for vertical rhythm, responsive to the <code>font-size</code> of the parent container. Set the parent's <code>font-size</code> to whatever you want the vertical rhythm's base to be.

	- for i in (0..2)
		div class='#{i == 0 ? 'g' : 'g v'}'
			.s0 #{i == 0 ? 'Unaligned' : 'Aligned'}
				- for i in (0..6)
					p class='s#{7-i}' #{7-i}: Jalapeno pepper and garlic add a fragrant zing.
					p.s0.serif For an infused oil, simply combine 7 parts oil with a pinch of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Seal the jar and shake for 30 seconds, until the salt is fully dissolved in the oil. Uncap the jar and add 1 part ground herb or spice of your choice. Reseal the jar and shake until emulsified.
				p.s0 0: Jalapeno pepper and garlic add a fragrant zing.
				p.s-1 -1: Jalapeno pepper and garlic add a fragrant zing.
				p.s-2 -2: Jalapeno pepper and garlic add a fragrant zing.
p.s7 Copy the CSS here:



	margin: 0

	font: 900 30.6px/1.7 arial, "Helvetica Neue", helvetica, sans-serif
	color: #444

	text-align: center
	margin: 1em auto 4em
	max-width: 560px

	display: flex
	& > * 
		flex-grow: 1
		flex-shrink: 1
		flex-basis: 0
		overflow: hidden

	font-size: 40px
	padding: 0 1em
		white-space: nowrap
			white-space: normal

.g.v + .g.v
	background: repeating-linear-gradient(#ced, #ced 1em, #ccf 1em, #ccf 2em)

	text-decoration: underline

	font-weight: normal
	font-family: georgia, palatino, 'Palatino Linotype', times, 'Times New Roman', serif

	font: inherit



                // Note: this just automates the CSS writing. You don't need it in your final site, just copy the generated CSS at the bottom of the page :)

// "eem": effective em. The font size of the parent container.
const nOver = 7;
const nUnder = 2;
const scale = 1.25;
const ratio = 1.7; // Ratio of line height to font size.
const elements = {
	1: ['p'],
	2: ['h3', 'h4'],
	3: ['h2'],
	5: ['h1'],
const sizes = Array.from({length: nOver + nUnder + 1}, (_, i) => nOver - i);
const fontSizes = => Math.pow(scale, s) / ratio);
const format = n => +n.toFixed(10);
const variables = [`:root {
${, i) => `\t--s${sizes[i]}: ${format(fontSize)}em;`).join('\n')}
// Note from the future: all of these were being overwritten anyway so
//  I removed them from the final stylesheet.
// const unalignedRules = [`${Object.values(elements).flat().sort().concat( => `.s${s}`)).map(selector => `.m ${selector}`).join(', ')} {
// \tmargin: 0.8em 0 0.3em;
// }`];
const alignedRules =, i) => {
  // Line height is 1eem. Base font size is 1eem / 1.7.
  const fontSize = fontSizes[i];
  let lineHeight;
  const reciprocal = lineHeight = 1 / fontSize;
  while (lineHeight < 1.3) lineHeight += reciprocal;
  // If the size gap between the line height and the text is greater than .5eem, skip the bottom margin.
  // Otherwise, add a margin of 1 eem.
  const marginBottom = (lineHeight - 1) * fontSize > 0.5 ? 0 : `${format(reciprocal)}em`;
  // However many ems the font size is (rounded down, min 1), that's how many eems we add on top.
  const marginTop = `${format(reciprocal * Math.max(1, Math.floor(fontSize)))}em`;
  const selectors = (elements[s] || []).concat(`.s${s}`);
  return `${selectors.join(', ')} {
\tfont-size: var(--s${s});
${ => `.v ${selector}`).join(', ')} {
\tline-height: ${format(lineHeight)}em;
${ => `.m ${selector}`).join(', ')} {
\tmargin: ${marginTop} 0 ${marginBottom};

document.querySelector('pre').textContent = document.querySelector('.restyle').textContent = variables.concat(alignedRules).join('\n');