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              h1 Multi-line lists with item separators (CSS)

h2 Pipe spacing is variable:
	li.food Blueberry donut
	li.food Raspberry donut pudding
	li.food Banana pie pudding donut
	li.food Grape
	li.food Blackberry sundae

h2 Hacky, but pipe spacing is fixed:
	div.food Blueberry donut
	span.separator[aria-hidden] |
	div.food Raspberry donut pudding
	span.separator[aria-hidden] |
	div.food Banana pie pudding donut

	| (I mean, it's all pretty hacky honestly…)

              // This stuff doesn't matter...
	display: flex
	height: 100%
	width: 100%

	margin: auto
	width: 60%

h1, h2
	margin: 1em 0 0.5em

ul, li
	margin: 0
	padding: 0
	list-style: none

	font-size: 0.6em
	margin-top: 10em
	text-align: right

// This stuff matters more!
	display: flex
	flex-wrap: wrap
	margin-left: -12px
	overflow: hidden

		flex-grow: 1
		margin: 6px 0
		margin-left: 12px
		position: relative
		text-align: center

			content: '|'
			position: absolute
			right: -6px
			top: 0
			transform: translate(50%, 1px)

	text-align: center
	position: relative

	.food, .separator
		display: inline-block

		padding: 0 10px

	@for $i from 1 through 3
			// `em`s aren't perfect for this, so we add a font-specific fudge factor.
			height: calc(#{4 - $i} * 1.1em - 100%) // Bleh…
			overflow: hidden
			position: absolute
			transform: translate(-3px, 1px)  // Bleh…

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