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Pure CSS Progress, a pretty liquid progress-bar. I've coded Pure CSS Navigation triggers too, if you want the bar's code just follow the css comments :)


  1. Love it. But I tried to edit it and set the bar class to bar-0 (makes sense to start from 0 to me) which then happened to fill the bar entirely instead of emptying it, same as if it was bar-100. Guess an extra little tweak is needed ;)

  2. Hi @fabienb, fixed ;) Thank you all guys!!

  3. This is so cool. I absolutely love it.

  4. wow . this is very beautiful Progress..

  5. I love realistic effects, especially if in pure CSS. Congrats!

  6. A vertical bar variation of this (with labels underneath) would be awesome for something like product reviews (a fat bar for overall score followed by thin ones one for sound quality, picture quality, etc). Also with a further variation where the empty bit is not shown.

  7. woah, super cool, I could see using this for something, I don't know what yet but I want to use it lol.

    Extra big props for pure css!

  8. Wuao!!!!!! El mejor progress bar que he visto. Eres un cojonudo

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