Every person's metabolism is unique in the rate at which it releases energy over time. If you plot this function over a long period of time and somehow associate it to events corresponding to energy input and output, you might be able to find ways to make more efficient use of your energy. Energy inputs include events such as eating, resting, socializing, and gaming. Energy outputs include events such as working, exercising, running errands, and doing chores.

With the following assumptions:

  • It's feasible to measure a sample of energy level at regular intervals of time
  • It's feasible to log and quantify events corresponding to energy input and output
  • It's possible to assign values to the events indicating progress towards some goal

What sort of algorithm could find a schedule for a person's energy inputs and outputs (of all essential types) that maximizes the progress towards some goal?

For example, if the goal is to do the most work in a 24-hour interval, and you have sample data from many such intervals, how do you produce a predictive function that returns expected energy level at a given time of day, given a certain set of preceding events?

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