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Flat Responsive Contact Form using SVG icons. Contact me if you want the PHP and AJAX files to make it work :)



  1. I really like this, unfortunately someone has recently copied this and hasn't given you credit http://codepen.io/codonik/details/pIiAt

  2. @waddington thanks for that!

  3. Hi, probably had this question a lot but how did you get this in total to work?

    I got the html and css part (except the comment logo that disappears and the not being able to implent a new object (ex. captcha). But for the php to work I'm stranded.

    I'm new at this so sorry if I made a blunder! Still big up to your work elegant, nice and clear to understand.

  4. @QDW you need extra files, what is your email?

  5. Hi there

    Cool form! I stripped it down to just an email/subscribe form for my site. My Site It looks great on desktop but the button is given a radius border on ios devices? I did some prodding and altered the css but no improvement. Any thoughts? Thanks

    Update: Added this to your css

                             -webkit-appearance: none;
                             -webkit-border-radius: 0;


  6. Hey i really like this contact form and would like to use it on my new portfolio website! :D

    Could you help me making it work ? My email adres is: dennis.robben@live.nl

  7. hey, i really like this! How did you get it to work?

    The php would really help! I'm bad at the server side.

    Thanks in advance

  8. @Robertcarter92 what's your email address? Cheers, Rex

  9. I would also like to get this to work, how would I go about this? My email is guybeaumont@gmail.com.

  10. Hi, is it possible to get the PHP for this? Email is robertcarter445@gmail.com. If that doesn't work then jimmycarter649@gmail.com. Thank you :)

  11. Hello! Would you be able to send my the rest of the working files for this form? You could send it to jschro15@gmail.com Thank You!

  12. Hey there, wondering if I could have the php file please :D


  13. Is it possible for anyone to send me the PHP please? Thank you.


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