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                <div class="text" data-lines="3"><p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Vitae corporis iure reprehenderit sapiente eligendi esse quia provident. Aspernatur quisquam praesentium reprehenderit, culpa cum ullam, ex.</p>Eos expedita odit, similique tempora quod explicabo adipisci, soluta mollitia cum sequi autem. Aperiam <span>est similique voluptatem quibusdam aspernatur</span> porro quam ratione, exercitationem eos reprehenderit.</div>


  width 300px
  font-family Arial
  font-size 14px
  line-height 22px



let textNode = document.querySelector('.text');

let style = window.getComputedStyle(textNode);
const lineHeight = parseInt(style.getPropertyValue('line-height'), 10);
let lines = textNode.dataset.lines;
let currentHeight = textNode.offsetHeight;
let limit = textNode.contentText.length * (lines * lineHeight / currentHeight);


const excludeTags = [

function getRestrictText(text, limit = 180) {
	const fragment = document.createElement('div');
	fragment.innerHTML = text;

	const ctx = {limit, nodesToRemove: []}

	traverseAndCut(fragment, ctx);
	ctx.nodesToRemove.forEach(node => node.parentNode.removeChild(node));

	return fragment.innerHTML + '...';

function traverseAndCut(parent, ctx) {
	for (let i = 0, length = parent.childNodes.length; i < length; i++) {
		const node = parent.childNodes[i];

		if (node.nodeType === Node.TEXT_NODE) {
			const inlinedText = node.textContent.replace(/(\t|\n)+/g, '');

			if (ctx.limit < inlinedText.length) {
				const words = inlinedText.split(/\s+/);

				node.textContent = words
					.reduce((result, word) => {
						ctx.limit -= word.length + 1;
						if (ctx.limit > 0) result.push(word);
						return result;
					}, [])
					.join(' ')
					.replace(/[\s,.]+$/, '');

				ctx.limit = 0;
			} else {
				node.textContent = inlinedText;
				ctx.limit -= inlinedText.length;

		if (node.nodeType === Node.ELEMENT_NODE) {
			if (~excludeTags.indexOf(node.nodeName.toLowerCase())) continue;
			traverseAndCut(node, ctx);
			if (!node.textContent.length) ctx.nodesToRemove.push(node);

function renderNode(tag, text) {
	const node = document.createElement(tag);
	node.textContent = text;
	return node;

const targetHTMLString = `
	<div class="c-entry-content">
		<p>Nintendo, we should try to remember, is a vast international corporation that wants nothing more than to liberate your hard-earned money from your wallet. But hell, if it isn't just slightly more endearing than its competitors. It's cute little touches like the secret message&nbsp;<a href="">discovered this weekend</a> hidden inside the&nbsp;<a href="">Switch's Pro Controller</a> — tiny text that reads "thx2 allgamefans!" — that keeps Nintendo cemented in the hearts of "allgamefans!" everywhere.</p>
		<p>It's not easy to find the message: you'll need to tilt the Switch Pro controller's right thumb stick down, and wiggle it around a bit. Pushing the stick in until it clicks is also a good idea that should, in the right light, show you the cute little note that seems to be printed on the circuit board below. If you still can't find it, Japanese Twitter users @y_beat and @geo_stream have provided handy visual hints.</p>

const resultHTMLString = getRestrictText(targetHTMLString);

const resultFragment = document.createElement('div');
resultFragment.innerHTML = resultHTMLString;

const resultTextString = resultFragment.textContent;
const resultTextStringLength = resultTextString.length;

const resultNode = document.createElement('div');

resultNode.appendChild(renderNode('p', `Count: ${resultTextStringLength}`));
resultNode.appendChild(renderNode('pre', resultTextString));
resultNode.appendChild(renderNode('pre', resultHTMLString));