A Visual Reference

So WTF is a BootSplat?

We all know there's a difference between a "Splash Page" and well, a "Splat" page it comes down to laziness often, but as a reminder what the difference is, I've not-so meticulously constructed a few samples to which I lovingly refer to as BootSplats! Which will help illustrate the concept. Without having to redirect you form Chris's site to Envato/ Theme Forest.

How Can I know if I've.... Splatted?

In this wonderful era we live in there are many technologies being born by the second that empower the least likely of people to accomplish remarkable things with truly remarkable ease. Generally thats a good thing for humanity, but being able to slap together a website with an html header 4 tags and 3 cdn lines can have consequences, such as the world believing all americans sip lattes while updating their photography website, seriously how many of these are there? And no you Europeans and Mexicans are absolutely not exempt I've seen you do it too!

How do you tell a Bootsplat from say a Bootstrap 3 or 4?

Splats favor the two series actually. More special effects as it was Bootstrap 3 that saw a migration towards minimalist aesthetics all over San Francisco, not just Twitter, but also the mobile first model was 3 thus there at least for a time was a bit more pizazz in the 2 series, being more desktop focused and less nose in the air. To answer the question though, "...Eye of the Beholder" You know when you've splatted or not.

What Does a Splat Look Like?

Please immediately submit his information in the meantime, lets see a splat!

I suppose its better than freeform where we'd inevitably have an ugly myspace like web gone nuts. We can thank the Twitter guys and Yahoo for at least making sure our splats are sort of pretty. But again theres Splash(paging), and Splat('ting). All too often do they meet.

Anything for the Ladies?

To remind you ladies out there guilty of it, I'm onto your splatting as well! And So I give you She-Splat! Gentleman that I am, here goes Bam!

aw yeah that's right. its pink.

Say it Ain't So!?

I'll admit being less of a designer type and beyond pressed for time as if life depends on it (sometimes literally does), I'm totally guilty of a few splats myself and more to come. In fact it was actually in plotting my next Splat that I was compelled and inspired to build this demo and it's respective parent site, BootSplat! It's a jab at cheesy design, at consumerism, and just clean fun so please dont take it seriously because despite the arduous 4 minutes I spent making the site, I certainly don't :) In fact 4 minutes is less time than these very comments here about it! As for the content, I went to catholic school enough latin, instead a little Rolling Stones tribute is well frankly ALWAYS in order far as I'm concerned so, Shidoobee!

Lets See Some More! (Just to be sure you know...)

One More? OK a going out splat, hell yeah this sh**'s on FIRE!

Does a Splat Have to be a Web Site Per Se?

Other industries have been known to splat as well, Take the Beatles Yellow Submarine, or any Eagles album, The Sex Pistols (glorious but still a splat), John Grisham's novels even the good ones, The last Indiana Jones Movie, and American Psycho 2 with Mila Kunis, Eminem's last 4 albums, all big friggin Splats.

Tim Burton totally splats, heres one now with some simple brown gradients overlaying a mushroom forest gives it more of that film look a la Michael Keaton Batman:

Love it!

Theatre Lovers ? I got you and Babs, Judy, Liza, with one shot here ya go Bam!

I think that came out rather nice

Oprah? Notorious, loves to splat:

Oprah Bees

So does Rhianna simply by existing


I didnt even have to touch those up I swear

Can I haz More Please!

Ok i guess, one more and on fire? ok... Bam!

Feeling Dickensian? Sitting in those nasty stairweels in the ghettos at all hours, our friend Charlie has seen his fair share of splats no doubt.

Fire in an all oxygen environment perhaps?

These are Splats. Any Questions? Didn't think so.

Please look before you splat a message from #BootSplat!

You can view these and other splats @
by ray anthony
****This is not to be taken too terribly serious, is intended as entertainment and education in the loosest sense of the word. It can be forked, shared, and re-splatted as you please.

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