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              <div class="container">

<div class="jumbotron">
  <div class="container text-center">
    <h1> Jay - Z </h1>
    <h2> <i>Anything is Possible </i></h2>
    <div class="thumbnail">
    <img src="http://www.gullyware.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/One-Word-plagiarism-Suit-Against-Jay-Z-Dismissed-News-FDRMX.jpg"  > 
      <div class="caption">Jay-Z, real name "Sean Carter" started his career as a small time drug dealer but left the drug business to become a rap artist and entrepreneur.</div>
  <div class="text-center"><h3 class="text-center"> Here is a timeline of Jay-Z's  life: </h3>      <ul>
    <li><p><strong>1995- 1998:</strong> Roca-A-Fella Records  Jay Z starts his own record label</p>
    <li><p><strong>1999:</strong> Rocawear  Jay Z starts his own clothing company</p>
    <li><p><strong>2002:</strong> Carol's Daughter  Jay Z invests $10 million into the beauty company owned by Lisa Price</p>
    <li><p><strong>2003:</strong> 40/40 Club  Jay Z starts his own sports bar with partner Juan Perez</p>
      <li><p><strong>2003:</strong> Reebok & Nokia  Jay Z ssecures endorsement deals with Reebok and Nokia</p>
        <li><p><strong>2006:</strong> HP, Budweiser and Armand de Brignac  Jay Z secures endorsements with drink companies. </p>
    <li><p><strong>2007:</strong> GMC  Jay Z partners with GMC to release limited edition GMC Yukon Denali SUV</p>
    <li><p><strong>2008:</strong> Roc Nation Jay Z partners with LiveNation to create a record label</p>
    <p style="font-size: 25px; font-weight: 200; margin-bottom: 15px"> "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man..." </p>
    <cite style="color:grey"> -Jay-Z </cite>
      <h3> To read more about this incredible business mogul, please check out this <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_Z">Wikipedia page</a>. </h3>


<footer class="text-center" > 
  <p> Written and coded by <a href="http://mrbrackins.com">Tony Brackins.</a> </p>
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