this is an experiment combining several diferent aproaches to animation (Dec 2014) used on the web and in media production. i really hope to only scratch the surface while focusing on:

  • establishing a method for quick
  • creation of content combining
  • audio,
  • visuals and
  • interactivity which
  • could be fairly quickly understood and
  • applied by individuals with no or little technical understanding of the areas involved.

a lot of the stuff is new to me, in fact my guestimates are that half of the time i could easily say i have no idea what i'm doing (my great inspiration here was a video i saw once -> screencast #101: let's suck at github together by @chriscoyier ;-) make sure you check it out as well as @chriscoyier's shop talk show particularily the episode 124: WITH ROB DODSON a guy from polymer team you can find him as well on polymer element + codepen and because all the stuff below somewhat relates to polymer and web components take a look at it, fork the code and make it yours.

(don't worry if you have no clue what youre doing, that's kind of the point. just make sure you have your demo or mvp at the end).

jpg: "save for web ..." version of svg from the pen below, hosted on codepen, opens blog post with video displayed below.





(contains elements: rect (x3C_back_x3E), image (, path (x3C_student_x3E, x3C_tank02_x3E1, x3C_tank01_x3E))

fork this pen or github repo and add any features you can think off

here's centering in the ... fuk da popo

for the start i want to add some of these:

  • animate svg shape

  • with video as background

  • glitch effect on type/shape

  • preferably with some depth

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