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  1. this is tight!

  2. sometimes i wonder if you could model a black hole by making light particles that have a mass parameter and then cranking up the mass of the black hole... (but then the thoughts get sucked back into my head and forgotten ;)

    like you could render acoustics from a physics engine... instead of playing playing metalOnMetal.wav when a sword hit a shield... save effort and derive the noise from the size and material of those prefabs. I know Apples Logic Studio Pro has a drum sound synth that works off of materials density etc .

  3. How did I know someone would make this today? ;) Well done with the added movement - it helps bring that blurry image to life!

  4. Today is your day !

  5. This is really cool! Good job.

  6. I made this too

  7. Nice Work.

    A simulation using CSS only without any other heavy tool. Implementing this code in a "Python" algorithm, for example, for billions of trials, we can get very good result and data.jpg

  8. This is effing Awesome!

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