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I'm back with more of them moving circles. This script uses getImageData to form the text with particles. You can do some fun stuff with text and Canvas this way. Once again I'm using createjs for Canvas manipulation and the greensock library for easy tweening.


  1. Hey I have a great idea! But can't do it myself as I am new in JavaScript but I am telling you. When we type something let the circled write the same thing. Hope you like it.

  2. Sweet! Cool pens :)

  3. awesome

  4. This is awesome. Reminds me of this thing I built a while ago: but I think you clearly won, since I used Flash :/ ... In my defense it was 2011 :)

  5. @rachsmith This is beautiful (Like You!)! Great Job! Looking forward to other fantastic pens!

  6. Seriously cool! Great work

  7. ammmmazing

  8. Wow! This is terrific work...bravo!

  9. Nice! I love it.

  10. Beauty!! loved it

  11. Really nice Rachel - just read and thought I would have a look at your work - I am impressed!

  12. Very cool, inspiring :)

  13. @rachsmit hey Rachel, very awesome I have problem changing this pen to resize dynamically to the screen so can be used on mobile devices and any screen size and put the text in the middle of the screen. can you help me on that?

  14. This is a amazing thing Even I cant make!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO MATE BRAVO

  15. awesome!!

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