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for my developer friends... the answer to almost all software related questions


  1. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  2. Loved it. :)

  3. Very cool. I was noticing that in Firefox the orbs do not appear. Also is it just me or in a side by side comparison, do the stars look sharper in Chrome Browser?

    I'm curious why the moving orbs are not showing up in Firefox. I'm using 43.0.4

  4. Hmm, well I refreshed my Firefox and suddenly the Orbs are there. So looks like issue was just in my browser. Still curious if anyone else thinks the stars are sharper, more defined in Chrome browser though.

  5. @mhrogers I think the issue you described with the orbs are because I was attempting to draw the orb to canvas before the image had loaded properly - that bit I was lazy about refactoring - so when you refreshed, the orb image was loaded and it looked right. I need to fix up the code so it works the first time you load it. As for the sharpness I don't see what you're describing (but I'm on a retina screen, maybe that makes a difference)

  6. This. So Much This.

  7. I Love Your works :))

  8. Love it! You make some cool stuff!

  9. Too true... they should add this as thing on Stack Overflow... :)

  10. Love it :O

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