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playing with a perlin noise flow field after watching some coding rainbow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjoM9oKOAKY


  1. So beautiful, really cool! I love the things you can do with noise (still don't understand it though). And of course the materials of Daniel!

  2. I love Perlin Noise, great pen!

  3. Thanks for sharing that tutorial! This is great!

  4. Wooow... I stumbled onto this pen, researching "particle" pens for an idea I have. I've also watched coding rainbow (he cracks me up). And I've always been interested in seemingly 'random' textures, like marble tiles, cloud textures and such... But I'd never heard of Perlin noise before. Now you've thrown me down a rabbit hole. Thanks! :)

  5. Really beautiful, the code isn't bad too :p

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