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I'm moving around a whole bunch of elements with Julian Shapiro's Velocity.js. It's running pretty well on my Chrome at anywhere between 60 - 48 frames per second, impressive :)

It took around 4 hours to bang this out after first looking at the documentation, pretty easy to use if you are already a jQuery user. http://julian.com/research/velocity/

No markup because why select when you can create right?

*** I should add that this sort of thing (animation sequence) isn't really what Velocity.js was built for, but I just wanted to crank up the elements/intensity to see how the browser handled it. Incorporating Velocity.js in to your average UI transitions/animations should be a dream :)


  1. insanely smooth even on my laptop in "battery saving" mode where it crunches my GPU and CPU.

    Really nice demo, good example of what is possible! :) thanks for sharing

  2. Maximum hearts Rachel! This is great.

  3. This is amazingly awesome.

  4. whoa.... I've gotta start playing with velocity. nice.

  5. Nicely conceived but a bit janky on my iPad - have you tried Greensock? Totally built for this kind of animation and it's super smooth. Nice one!

  6. @chrisgannon Hey Chris, I have used GSAP and yes it is a library specifically made for these sorts of animation sequences. As I wrote in the description Velocity.js wasn't really purposed for this sort of thing but I made this demo when it was released specifically put it through its paces to see how it performed.

  7. Yes given the relatively basic nature of Velocity I think you've pulled off a pretty cool animation.

  8. No words. How incredible.

  9. That's cool velocity.js is really smooth/fast.

  10. Inspiring! So cool.

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