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                <div class="flick"></div>
Should flick 1 to 2

<div class="flick flick-end"></div>
Flick w/ step-end

<div class="flick flick-start"></div>
Flick w/ step-start

<div class="easy-as"></div>

<div class="easy-as easy-working"></div>
1-2-3 with the "fourth frame"

<div class="easy-as easy-borked"></div>
1-2-3 with the "fourth frame" showing and the "first frame" missing.

<div class="flick flick-working"></div>
Now we get some flicking action.


                body { padding: 1em; }

div {
  margin: 1em 0 .5em;
  width: 50px; height: 50px;

@keyframes countdown {  
  0% { background-position: 0 0; } 
  100% {background-position: 0 100%; } 

/* You think the following would flick between 1 and 2 forever, right? Steps() is supposed to split the output into an equal number of segments and jump between them, right?  */
.flick {
  animation: countdown 1s steps(2) infinite;
  background: url( 0 0 no-repeat;

/* That's weird. It's only going halfway between 1 and 2. Hmmm... 

Let's try experimenting with those "start" and "end" properties. Those worked great for me before! (See also */

.flick-end {
  animation: countdown 1s steps(1, end) infinite;

.flick-start {
  animation: countdown 1s steps(1, start) infinite;

/* Those look like they just skip us to the first or the last frame, though... Why is that?

According to: 
"Step(X, start/end) in turn enables to define how many steps are shown between each keyframe, where X stands for the steps and start/end defines if the first or the last keyframe should be omitted (defaults to end if omitted)."


Let's calm down and try a longer animation and see if we can at least get this thing moving again. */
.easy-as {
  animation: countdown 1s steps(2, end) infinite;
  background: url( 0 0 no-repeat;

/* What's happening here is that it's splitting the 1-2-3 image into three equal parts and then ignoring the last one, the "end." I have no idea why this is the case. But watch what happens when we add change the animation to have an extra "blank frame" at the end--remember that the 1-2-3 image is 150px high. By using background-position: 0 -150px, you'd think the last frame would be missing, as the image would be "off screen" at 100% */

@keyframes countdownTo3 {  
  0% { background-position: 0 0; } 
  100% {background-position: 0 -150px; } 

.easy-working {
  animation: countdownTo3 1s steps(3) infinite;

/* It works perfectly, though, as the last "blank frame" at 100% is consumer by steps(3, end)--remember "end" is the default value, so no need to specify that value unless using start. Speaking of which, here's what happens when you use that...*/

.easy-borked {
  animation: countdownTo3 1s steps(3, start) infinite;

/* Now that we know all this, let's revisit flick above. */

@keyframes countdownTo2 {  
  0% { background-position: 0 0; } 
  100% {background-position: 0 -100px; } 

.flick-working {
  animation: countdownTo2 1s steps(2) infinite;

/* The only other write up I could find was at and shamefully missing its images:

Seriously not much is written about these.

I'm off to update all my walkcycle animations because they are missing a frame. Ta! */