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Check out my video of how i created this piece of... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/115237628 [3hour] https://www.twitch.tv/videos/115351889 [6hour]

No IMG needed, just pure CSS!

Inspiration: http://bit.ly/8bitgaming

Design created by @dominikrezek

Game created by @remvst http://js13kgames.com/entries/taxi-drift


  1. this is bonkers dude, great work

  2. Its awesome, I really love it ! i been almost 3 hours just reading your code and trying figuring it out how it works

  3. This is nuts. Great job!

  4. Oh! It's awesome These hairly handz :))))

  5. this is awesome and how do i post my ideas?

  6. Woah, amazing job there!

  7. ⚡️

    Sick stuff man!

  8. Really amazing ! I first thought it was yet another css animation without interaction, but you completely blew my mind dude ! Must have taken lots of efforts. Really cool.

  9. Great work, this is awesome. Reminds me of the first GTA.

  10. Yup, this is rad!

  11. i cant see it :(, there's an error - (index.js: 'with' in strict mode (279:8))

  12. @EIPatron304 I'm also see the error

  13. @ElPatron304 @minh-khoi hey, thanks for BUG report! Now its working?

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