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                <script id="src" type="text/plain">
In this Star Wars Movie, our heroes return to take on the first order and new villain 
Kyle Ren|Malloc|Darth Sebelius|Theranos|Lord Juul
 with help from their new friend 
Kim Spacemeasurer|Teen Yoda|Dab Tweetdeck|Yaz Progestin|Ti-83
.\n\nRey builds a new lightsaber with a 
 blade, and they head out to confront the first order's new superweapon, the 
Sun Obliterator|Moonsquisher|World Eater|Planet Zester|Superconducting Supercollider
, a space station capable of 
blowing up a planet with a bunch of beams of energy that combine into one|blowing up a bunch of planets with one beam of energy that splits into many|cutting a planet in half and smashing the halves together like to cymbals|increasing the CO2 levels in a planet's atmosphere, causing rapid heating|triggering the end credits before the movie is done
.\n\nThey unexpectedly join forces with their old enemy 
Boba Fett|Salacious Crumb|The Space Slug|The Bottom Half of Darth Maul|YouTube commenters
 and destroy the superweapon in a battle featuring 
a bow that shoots little lightsaber-headed arrows|x-wings and tie fighters dodging the giant letters of the opening crawl|a sith educational display that uses force lighting to demonstrate the dielectric breakdown of air|Kylo Ren putting on another helmet over his smaller one|a Sith car wash where the bristles on the brushes are little lightsabers
.\n\nP.S. Rey's parents are 
Luke|Lea|Han|Obi-wan|a random junk trader
Poe|BB-8|Amilyn Holdo|Laura Dern|a random junk trader|that one droid from the jawa sandcrawler that says gonk

<h1>Star Wars Spoiler Generator</h1>
  <a href="" target="_new">From xkcd 2243</a>

<p class="result"></p>

  <a id="new" href="#">Generate new spoiler</a>
  <a id="seed" href="#">(with seed)</a>


                @font-face {
	font-family: xkcd-script;
	src: url('') format('woff');

body {
  font-family: xkcd-script, sans;
  text-align: center;
  margin: 1em auto;
  max-width: 720px;

.result {
  font-size: 1.25em;


                const doc = document
const body = doc.body
const $ = ::body.querySelector
const resultEl = $('.result')
const source = $('#src')
  .filter(e => e)
  .map(e => e.split('|'))

function generate (seed) {
  if (!seed) {
    seed = Math.random().toString(36).substring(2)
  const random = new alea(seed)

  const result = => {
    const index = Math.floor(random() * e.length)
    return e[index]
  }).join('').replace(/\\n/g, '<br>')
  resultEl.innerHTML = result

  location.hash = '#' + seed


$('#new').addEventListener('click', e => {
$('#seed').addEventListener('click', e => {
  generate(window.prompt('Enter seed:'))