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              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<svg width="300px" height="300px" viewBox="0 0 300 300" version="1.1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xmlns:sketch="http://www.bohemiancoding.com/sketch/ns">    
    <g id="Page-1" stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd" sketch:type="MSPage">
        <g id="Group" sketch:type="MSLayerGroup">
            <g id="home_icon_0" class="icon">
                <path d="M161.5,164.5 L161.5,146.5 L149.5,134.5 L137.5,146.5 L137.5,164.5 L161.5,164.5 Z M161.5,164.5" id="Shape" fill="#E55C3C"></path>
                <rect d="M0,0 L0,300 L300,300 L300,0 L0,0 Z M0,0" id="Rectangle-4" x="0" y="0" width="300" height="300"></rect>
            <g id="home_icon_1" class="icon">
                <path d="M150,129 L130,149 L130,169.5 L144,169.5 L144,153.5 L156,153.5 L156,169.5 L170,169.5 L170,149 L150,129 Z M150,129" id="Shape" fill="#E55C3C"></path>
                <rect d="M0,0 L0,300 L300,300 L300,0 L0,0 Z M0,0" id="Rectangle-4-copy" x="0" y="0" width="300" height="300"></rect>
            <g id="home_icon_2" class="icon">
                <path d="M120,150 L127,150 L127,179.965 L142,179.965 L142,157 L158,157 L158,179.965 L173,179.965 L173,150 L180,150 L150,120 L120,150 Z M120,150" id="Shape" fill="#E55C3C"></path>
                <rect d="M0,0 L0,300 L300,300 L300,0 L0,0 Z M0,0" id="Rectangle-4-copy-2" x="0" y="0" width="300" height="300"></rect>
            <g id="home_icon_3" class="icon">
                <path d="M209,148.777 L150,90 L126,112.735 L126,104 L107,104 L107,133 L91,148.777 L107,148.777 L107,209 L135,209 L135,169 L164,169 L164,209 L191,209 L191,148.777 L209,148.777 Z M209,148.777" id="Shape" fill="#E55C3C"></path>
                <rect d="M0,0 L0,300 L300,300 L300,0 L0,0 Z M0,0" id="Rectangle-4-copy-3" x="0" y="0" width="300" height="300"></rect>
            <g id="home_icon_4" class="icon">
                <path d="M96,228.172 L117,228.172 L117,184.172 L143,184.172 L143,228.172 L204,228.172 L204,150.172 L96,150.172 L96,228.172 L96,228.172 L96,228.172 L96,228.172 Z M164,164.016 L183,164.016 L183,185.172 L164,185.172 L164,164.016 Z M223,144.172 L149.486,70 L121,98.172 L121,87.172 L101,87.172 L101,118.172 L77,144.172 L223,144.172 Z M223,144.172" id="Shape" fill="#E55C3C"></path>
                <rect d="M0,0 L0,300 L300,300 L300,0 L0,0 Z M0,0" id="Rectangle-4-copy-4" x="0" y="0" width="300" height="300"></rect>
            <g id="home_icon_5" class="icon">
                <path d="M84,240.593 L107,240.593 L107,188.593 L137,188.593 L137,240.593 L216,240.593 L216,151.593 L84,151.593 L84,240.593 L84,240.593 L84,240.593 L84,240.593 Z M161,204.593 L161,188.593 L176,188.593 L176,204.593 L161,204.593 L161,204.593 L161,204.593 L161,204.593 Z M181,204.593 L181,188.593 L196,188.593 L196,204.593 L181,204.593 L181,204.593 L181,204.593 L181,204.593 Z M196,167.593 L196,183.593 L181,183.593 L181,167.593 L196,167.593 L196,167.593 L196,167.593 L196,167.593 Z M176,167.593 L176,183.593 L161,183.593 L161,167.593 L176,167.593 Z M64,145.593 L236,145.593 L150.001,60 L112,98.593 L112,83.593 L117,83.593 L117,75.593 L84,75.593 L84,83.593 L90,83.593 L90,119.593 L64,145.593 Z M64,145.593" id="Shape" fill="#E55C3C"></path>
                <rect d="M0,0 L0,300 L300,300 L300,0 L0,0 Z M0,0" id="Rectangle-4-copy-5" x="0" y="0" width="300" height="300"></rect>
            <g id="home_icon_6" class="icon">
                <g id="Group" transform="translate(40.000000, 39.000000)" fill="#E55C3C">
                    <path d="M29.5,220.5 L50.5,220.5 L50.5,215.5 L55.5,215.5 L55.5,160.5 L94.5,160.5 L94.5,215.5 L99.5,215.5 L99.5,220.5 L193.5,220.5 L193.5,114.5 L29.5,114.5 L29.5,220.5 L29.5,220.5 L29.5,220.5 L29.5,220.5 Z M149.5,134.5 L168.5,134.5 L168.5,154.5 L149.5,154.5 L149.5,134.5 L149.5,134.5 L149.5,134.5 L149.5,134.5 Z M149.5,160.5 L168.5,160.5 L168.5,180.5 L149.5,180.5 L149.5,160.5 L149.5,160.5 L149.5,160.5 L149.5,160.5 Z M124.5,160.5 L143.5,160.5 L143.5,180.5 L124.5,180.5 L124.5,160.5 L124.5,160.5 L124.5,160.5 L124.5,160.5 Z M124.5,134.5 L143.5,134.5 L143.5,154.5 L124.5,154.5 L124.5,134.5 L124.5,134.5 L124.5,134.5 L124.5,134.5 Z M119.5,185.5 L173.5,185.5 L173.5,190.5 L119.5,190.5 L119.5,185.5 L119.5,185.5 L119.5,185.5 L119.5,185.5 Z M119.5,185.5" id="Shape"></path>
                    <path d="M0.5,109.5 L220.5,109.5 L110.782,0.5 L63.5,47.5 L63.5,35.5 L34.5,35.5 L34.5,76.5 L0.5,109.5 Z M0.5,109.5" id="Shape"></path>
                    <rect d="M28.661,20.5 L28.661,30.5 L67.5,30.5 L67.5,20.5 L28.661,20.5 Z M28.661,20.5" id="Rectangle" x="28.661" y="20.5" width="38.839" height="10"></rect>
                    <path d="M62.5,193 C61.324,193 60,191.676 60,190.5 C60,189.323 61.324,188 62.5,188 C63.677,188 65,189.323 65,190.5 C65,191.676 63.677,193 62.5,193 L62.5,193 L62.5,193 L62.5,193 Z M62.5,193" id="Shape"></path>
                <rect d="M0,0 L0,300 L300,300 L300,0 L0,0 Z M0,0" id="Rectangle-4-copy-6" x="0" y="0" width="300" height="300"></rect>
            <g id="home_icon_7" class="icon">
                <g id="Group" transform="translate(30.000000, 30.000000)">
                    <path d="M223.382,120.5 L240,120.5 L119.558,0.5 L66.5,53.5 L66.5,38.5 L35.5,38.5 L35.5,85 L0,120.5 L17.618,120.5 L120.5,17.618 L223.382,120.5 Z M223.382,120.5" id="Shape" fill="#E55C3C"></path>
                    <rect d="M29.5,23.5 L29.5,34.5 L71.5,34.5 L71.5,23.5 L29.5,23.5 Z M29.5,23.5" id="Rectangle" fill="#E55C3C" x="29.5" y="23.5" width="42" height="11"></rect>
                    <path d="M108.228,203.5 C106.945,203.5 105.5,204.943 105.5,206.229 C105.5,207.515 106.945,208.957 108.228,208.957 C109.512,208.957 110.955,207.515 110.955,206.229 C110.955,204.943 109.512,203.5 108.228,203.5 L108.228,203.5 L108.228,203.5 L108.228,203.5 Z M108.228,203.5" id="Shape" fill="#CB4741"></path>
                    <path d="M24.5,120.5 L24.5,240.5 L92.5,240.5 L92.5,234.5 L98.5,234.5 L98.5,174.5 L139.5,174.5 L139.5,234.5 L145.5,234.5 L145.5,240.5 L215.5,240.5 L215.5,119.535 L215.965,119.5 L120.5,24.5 L24.5,120.5 L24.5,120.5 L24.5,120.5 L24.5,120.5 Z M60.5,156.5 L74.5,156.5 L74.5,171.5 L60.5,171.5 L60.5,156.5 L60.5,156.5 L60.5,156.5 L60.5,156.5 Z M60.5,176.5 L74.5,176.5 L74.5,191.5 L60.5,191.5 L60.5,176.5 L60.5,176.5 L60.5,176.5 L60.5,176.5 Z M41.5,156.5 L55.5,156.5 L55.5,171.5 L41.5,171.5 L41.5,156.5 L41.5,156.5 L41.5,156.5 L41.5,156.5 Z M41.5,176.5 L55.5,176.5 L55.5,191.5 L41.5,191.5 L41.5,176.5 L41.5,176.5 L41.5,176.5 L41.5,176.5 Z M78.5,199.5 L37.5,199.5 L37.5,195.5 L78.5,195.5 L78.5,199.5 L78.5,199.5 L78.5,199.5 L78.5,199.5 Z M184.5,156.5 L198.5,156.5 L198.5,171.5 L184.5,171.5 L184.5,156.5 L184.5,156.5 L184.5,156.5 L184.5,156.5 Z M184.5,176.5 L198.5,176.5 L198.5,191.5 L184.5,191.5 L184.5,176.5 L184.5,176.5 L184.5,176.5 L184.5,176.5 Z M165.5,156.5 L179.5,156.5 L179.5,171.5 L165.5,171.5 L165.5,156.5 L165.5,156.5 L165.5,156.5 L165.5,156.5 Z M165.5,176.5 L179.5,176.5 L179.5,191.5 L165.5,191.5 L165.5,176.5 L165.5,176.5 L165.5,176.5 L165.5,176.5 Z M202.5,199.5 L161.5,199.5 L161.5,195.5 L202.5,195.5 L202.5,199.5 L202.5,199.5 L202.5,199.5 L202.5,199.5 Z M202.5,199.5" id="Shape" fill="#E98158"></path>
                <rect d="M0,0 L0,300 L300,300 L300,0 L0,0 Z M0,0" id="Rectangle-4-copy-7" x="0" y="0" width="300" height="300"></rect>
            <g id="home_icon_8" class="icon">
                <g id="Group" transform="translate(0.000000, 18.000000)">
                    <rect d="M224.059,97.927 L224.059,244.5 L287.5,244.5 L287.5,97.927 L224.059,97.927 Z M224.059,97.927" id="Rectangle" fill="#E55C3C" x="224.059" y="97.927" width="63.441" height="146.573"></rect>
                    <path d="M165.5,42.5 L255.369,42.5 L299.798,105.5 L165.5,105.5 L165.5,42.5" id="Shape" fill="#B8492E"></path>
                    <path d="M75.469,53.021 L41.678,86.812 L41.678,40.5 L36.5,40.5 L36.5,29.5 L80.5,29.5 L80.5,39.447 L75.469,39.447 L75.469,53.021 Z M75.469,53.021" id="Shape" fill="#E55C3C"></path>
                    <path d="M75.279,42.5 L75.279,54.206 L41.488,87.997 L41.488,76.333 L75.279,42.5 Z M75.279,42.5" id="Shape" fill="#B8492E"></path>
                    <path d="M96.475,187.613 L96.475,258.5 L153.492,258.5 L153.492,187.613 L96.475,187.613 L96.475,187.613 L96.475,187.613 L96.475,187.613 Z M116.427,229.568 C114.965,229.568 113.319,227.922 113.319,226.461 C113.319,224.998 114.965,223.354 116.427,223.354 C117.89,223.354 119.534,225 119.534,226.461 C119.535,227.922 117.89,229.568 116.427,229.568 L116.427,229.568 L116.427,229.568 L116.427,229.568 Z M116.427,229.568" id="Shape" fill="#E55C3C"></path>
                    <path d="M0.5,127.5 L17.5,127.5 L17.5,264.5 L95.5,264.5 L95.5,258.5 L101.5,258.5 L101.5,188.5 L149.5,188.5 L149.5,258.5 L155.5,258.5 L155.5,264.5 L235.5,264.5 L235.5,126.652 L236.298,127.5 L253.801,127.5 L126.158,0.586 L0.5,127.5 L0.5,127.5 L0.5,127.5 L0.5,127.5 Z M58.5,187.5 L58.5,170.5 L74.5,170.5 L74.5,187.5 L58.5,187.5 L58.5,187.5 L58.5,187.5 L58.5,187.5 Z M74.5,192.5 L74.5,208.5 L58.5,208.5 L58.5,192.5 L74.5,192.5 L74.5,192.5 L74.5,192.5 L74.5,192.5 Z M36.5,187.5 L36.5,170.5 L52.5,170.5 L52.5,187.5 L36.5,187.5 L36.5,187.5 L36.5,187.5 L36.5,187.5 Z M52.5,192.5 L52.5,208.5 L36.5,208.5 L36.5,192.5 L52.5,192.5 L52.5,192.5 L52.5,192.5 L52.5,192.5 Z M78.5,217.5 L32.5,217.5 L32.5,212.5 L78.5,212.5 L78.5,217.5 L78.5,217.5 L78.5,217.5 L78.5,217.5 Z M123.5,117.5 L108.5,117.5 L108.5,97.5 L123.5,97.5 L123.5,117.5 L123.5,117.5 L123.5,117.5 L123.5,117.5 Z M123.5,92.5 L108.5,92.5 L108.5,85.883 C108.5,77.676 116.5,70.862 123.5,69.42 L123.5,92.5 L123.5,92.5 L123.5,92.5 L123.5,92.5 Z M143.5,117.5 L128.5,117.5 L128.5,97.5 L143.5,97.5 L143.5,117.5 L143.5,117.5 L143.5,117.5 L143.5,117.5 Z M143.5,92.5 L128.5,92.5 L128.5,69.258 C137.5,70.254 143.5,77.311 143.5,85.883 L143.5,92.5 L143.5,92.5 L143.5,92.5 L143.5,92.5 Z M220.5,217.5 L174.5,217.5 L174.5,212.5 L220.5,212.5 L220.5,217.5 L220.5,217.5 L220.5,217.5 L220.5,217.5 Z M194.5,192.5 L194.5,208.5 L178.5,208.5 L178.5,192.5 L194.5,192.5 L194.5,192.5 L194.5,192.5 L194.5,192.5 Z M178.5,187.5 L178.5,170.5 L194.5,170.5 L194.5,187.5 L178.5,187.5 L178.5,187.5 L178.5,187.5 L178.5,187.5 Z M216.5,192.5 L216.5,208.5 L200.5,208.5 L200.5,192.5 L216.5,192.5 L216.5,192.5 L216.5,192.5 L216.5,192.5 Z M200.5,187.5 L200.5,170.5 L216.5,170.5 L216.5,187.5 L200.5,187.5 L200.5,187.5 L200.5,187.5 L200.5,187.5 Z M200.5,187.5" id="Shape" fill="#E98158"></path>
                    <path d="M142.5,258.5 L142.5,194.5 L101.5,194.5 L101.5,188.5 L149.5,188.5 L149.5,258.5 L142.5,258.5 Z M142.5,258.5" id="Shape" fill="#B8492E"></path>
                <rect d="M0,0 L0,300 L300,300 L300,0 L0,0 Z M0,0" id="Rectangle-4-copy-8" x="0" y="0" width="300" height="300"></rect>
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