Making Adobe Edge Animations responsive

This will show you how to make your Adobe Edge animations responsive to the parent container.

  1. set scaleToFit to "width"
  2. set bScaleToParent to true

For example, it could look like:

AdobeEdge.loadComposition('your-animation', 'EDGE-13371337', {
    scaleToFit: "width", // <-- making the width define the proportions
    bScaleToParent:true, // <-- making it responsive to the parent container
    centerStage: "none",
    minW: "0",
    maxW: "undefined",
    width: "826px",
    height: "620px"
}, {"dom":{}}, {"dom":{}});

<div id="Stage" class="EDGE-13371337"></div>

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