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	const user = {
		name: 'Bart Veneman',
		username: 'bartveneman',
		gravatar: ''

		p.profile-card__subtitle= user.username
		img.profile-card__avatar(src=user.gravatar alt=`Avatar for ${}`)
		h2 #{}'s projects
			for item in ["Mobile Twitter","","CodePen Pen Page","","","Blendle","","Catawiki","","Trello","Marktplaats","Schiphol","","","Twitter","GitHub","","Project Wallace","CSS Tricks","","","The Guardian","","","Smashing Magazine","GitLab","Coolblue","","NRC","Level Up Tutorials","ShopTalkShow","Wes","","Centraal Beheer","","BBC iPlayer","TechCrunch Beta","Empty state", "Very long ttitle that wraps on new lines"]
						h4.card__title= item
						p.card__meta Updated
							time 4 hours ago


                @import url("")
black-hue = 253
black-saturation = 8

black = hsl(black-hue, black-saturation, 2)
coal = hsl(black-hue, black-saturation, 12)
darkgrey = hsl(black-hue, black-saturation, 15)
grey = hsl(black-hue, black-saturation, 21)
silver = hsl(black-hue, black-saturation, 40)
gainsboro = hsl(black-hue, black-saturation, 60)
whitesmoke = hsl(black-hue, black-saturation, 82)
white = hsl(black-hue, black-saturation, 92)
purple = hsl(291, 100, 45)
pink = hsl(335.9, 89%, 46.5%)
red = hsl(0, 80, 51)
orangered = hsl(4, 66, 51)
orange = hsl(35.9, 89%, 46.5%)
gold = hsl(42, 100, 55)
yellow = hsl(yellow)
green = hsl(95.8, 89.9%, 46.5%)
blue = hsl(215.9, 89%, 46.5%)
turquoise = hsl(155.8, 89.9%, 46.5%)

brand-type =
	font-family 'Teko'
	font-weight 500
	font-style normal
	text-decoration none
	letter-spacing .04em
	line-height 1
	text-transform uppercase
	background-color coal
	color whitesmoke
	font-family sans-serif
	margin 0
	background-color white
	color black
	padding 15vmin 20vmin
	text-align center
	background linear-gradient(45deg, white calc(100% - 300px), #fff calc(100% - 300px), #fff calc(100% - 296px), turquoise calc(100% - 296px))
	@media (min-width 800px)
		padding-bottom 25vmin
		margin 0
		font-size calc(28px + 8vmin)
		margin 0
		color silver
		font-size 18px
		margin-bottom 96px
			content '@'
		display inline-block
		margin 0
		border-radius 50%
		border 4px solid #fff
		width 100px
		height 100px
		display none
	padding 0 20px
	list-style none
	max-width 1200px
	margin 20px auto
	display grid
	grid-template-columns repeat(auto-fit, minmax(24ch, 1fr))
	grid-gap 20px
	@media (min-width 800px)
		margin-top -15vmin
		grid-template-columns repeat(auto-fit, minmax(28ch, 1fr))
	display flex
	flex-direction column
	color inherit
	background-color #fff
	color coal
	text-decoration none
	padding 20px
	height 8em
	box-shadow 0 2px 4px rgba(coal, .2)
		background-color white
		outline 2px solid blue
		box-shadow 0 2px 2px rgba(coal, .5)
	font-size 18px
	margin 0
	margin auto 0 0 0
	color gainsboro