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Sure, we have all these nice features you get as a PRO member to make the most of CodePen.

But just to sweeten the pot a little bit, your PRO membership also brings you some bonuses. Things like discounts and extended free trials to other services that we adore.

Many of these discounts save more money than CodePen costs, outright.


You need to be a PRO member to take advantage of these Perks.

If you are a PRO member, log in and these shall be yours. If you're not a PRO member yet, upgrade your account or sign up as PRO and come back here to collect!

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  • Front End Masters

    Get 1 month free

    Video sessions directly from the masters of front end development themselves.

  • Simple Invoices

    Get 3 months for free

    Send invoices, receive payments, and store credit cards so you never get paid late again. Enter this code in your account settings after signing up for the free trial.

  • ButterCMS

    Get any plan for free for three months

    ButterCMS allows you to add a blog/CMS to any site quickly. It is API-based and works with any language! After signing up, paste your code into the live chat box on the bottom of the screen.

  • Adobe

    Get 15% off Creative Cloud

    Ya know, little tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Things you might kinda need as a designer.

  • CrossBrowserTesting

    20% off a Solo or Pro Plan

    Test your sites on the same browsers and devices your customers use.

  • DareBoost

    Get 25% off your DareBoost subscription for life

    DareBoost reports on your websites performance, front end code quality, SEO, security, and more.

  • IconFinder

    Get 1 month of unlimited icon downloads

    Iconfinder is the world's leading icon marketplace with over 1.6MM icons. Redeem this $29 gift card and subscribe to Iconfinder Pro Unlimited to get a free month of unlimited icon downloads.

  • NordVPN

    Save 30%

    NordVPN allows you to browse the internet unrestricted and far more securely.

  • Shopify

    Get one month free!

    A theme-based designer-friendly commerce platform used by over 300,000 merchants around the world.

  • Icon Scout

    Get deep discounts for three months

    You get unlimited downloads of any of Icon Scout's 140,000+ icons on the Masterscout plan. This coupon changes the cost to $4.99 for the 1st month, $9.99 the 2nd, and $14.99 the 3rd.

  • Thinkful

    Get $500 off when you enroll in Web Development Bootcamp

    Flexible Web Development Bootcamp: a guaranteed path from beginner to employed web developer.

  • ZingChart

    Get a 15% discount off all standard licensing pricing

    All your dataviz needs. One JavaScript library.

  • Invision

    Get 6 months of InVision free

    InVision is a powerful prototyping and collaboration tool used by the worlds best design teams.