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Messing around with 3d transforms and delayed transitions. Colours from http://colour.charlottedann.com/ and icons from http://symbolset.com/


  1. so cool! love this idea

  2. Thanks for OfficeColours, I recently added it to my web dev watch site (wildwebwatch.com), it's really cool. And grats for this pen, lovely idea, clean code, I like it ! :)

  3. thanks all! @Hugo double thanks for adding colours to your site, Wild Web Watch looks like such a handy resource :)

  4. I had not noticed before but the large and white text-shadow on the hover state makes it look like the background is a centered radial gradient. How cool is that, clever technique !

  5. crazy awesome mate.

    For bonus points why not use url selectors instead of nth-child
    a[href*="twitter"] { }

  6. That seems accurate to me, it would be a good use of attribute selectors.

  7. good point, that would be much more fitting for proper use; for this demo though I wanted to keep the html at a min so I'm just using hashed urls.

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