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B4U code: Check out Code Style Guides

I learned this the hard way. Knowing better too as a designer, I did not follow a style guide when coding the answers to my challenges. Granted I did not know I was going to have a code review last...

Using Style Boards in Your Workflow

Do you find yourself creating mutiple high fideltiy mockups for web design proposals, maybe even creating a desktop, tablet and mobile image all within a static environment like Photoshop?


The Jekyll Experience


I've been building websites for more than a decade, you would think that by now I would have the absolutely best workflow for building a website, but alas, I am still learning and...

Design Sprint Notes

Design Sprints - Google Ventures

The Spirit Book

By @jazer

These are my notes from a recent meet up at Context Media.

Sprint process:

Goals -> Ideas -> Argue -> Build -> Ship -> Test...

My SVG Animation Workflow

If you've ever worked with SVG you probably noticed the fact that the tools you have to use in the process are relatively unstable and can give you unpredictable results. There are a lot of...

Processing color from stylesheets (continuation)


I'm a JavaScripter, let's just face it. I like the CLI and UNIX tools. Which is why I like Node. This next part I'm going to turn my attention to Node for processing my color...

Bash Shortcuts To Enhance Your Git Workflow

The more you work with Git, the faster you’ll learn its workflows.

Here are some of the tasks that me and my team do daily:

Create and name branches

Count commits for squashing

Update master to...

Git-ing Started (with GitHub)

How about that title there? Yeah it's rough. The other day I went through the process of adding new code to a large commercial GitHub repository. I sort of stumbled through it, so I wanted to...

Setting yourself up for failure.

Scary, crazy, upside-down truths for the insecure and perfectionistic, found in the practice of Lean UX.

I’ve recently borrowed The Lean Startup (2011) from a colleague. It rattled some rusty cogs...