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GLSL Godrays

WebGL Perlin Godrays

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After getting a frontpage on Newgrounds for a concept screenshot, I announced I was working on a Dark Souls fan game....

Why Developers Should Be Excited About Famo.us

I've been going to meetups and talking with Developers about frameworks they use and often when I remark that we chose Famo.us/Angular to develop our web app at Mediahound, Inc. I often get a...

Beginning with 3D WebGL (pt. 2) - Geometry

This is part 2 in a series for beginners wanting to get in to using 3D WebGL. If you haven't checked out the other post be sure to have a look:

pt 1. The Scene

pt 2. Geometry

pt 3. Materials


#14. Frontendrescue.org , HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills & WebGL

Lightning speed frulle today since we only were 3! @ihazelton is still home cuddling his newborn and poor @lenngren is being pulled in other directions this morning.



Let's 3D with Three.js



Three.js seems to be the most popular 3D library at the moment (late 2016) , let's check out the state of 3d on the web with a few code samples.

Note - Challenges: I gave...

まったり three.js 入門 vol.1

この記事はThree.js Advent Calendar 2016の日目の記事でもあります。




Exploring Shaders

Learning Shaders by Example

This post is meant for developers who are very new to WebGL and would like to jump right into building things.

[[[pen slug-hash='YZqmWE' height='300'...