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Crowbar Some Embriage

Embriage... What?

While watching BBC Top Gear, the episode(S10E08) where Jeremy and James are driving a vintage French car, I realised the badly translated instructions Jeremy was yelling from the...

More Robust SVG Text with `lengthAdjust` and `font-size-adjust`

Here’s why you should care:

More robust SVG text demo

You may have heard about Chrome implementing font-size-adjust (or you know that...

Codepen is beautiful

Louis" title="Louis" width="200" height="248

Codepen is truly beautiful website. So many good resources to find here. Thanks much to the author of the website. I am recommending it to my friends...

Using SCSS to achieve vertical rhythm

Vertical rhythm is a typography concept to make a page easier to read. There are already a lot of posts explaining this: have a look here or here or here.

Implementing the correct sizes to...

Smooth Fluid Responsiveness

Have you ever wondered, how far you can go in responsive design?

Lots of people will tell me that it depends on what you can imagine and how far you can go in programming it. Websites are my...

CodePen & Iosevka

The CodePen team should definitely add Iosevka to their list of fonts that are available in the editor. Here's some reasons why:

Freq. Releases/Open to Changes

The maintainer of Iosevka,...

Independently Styling Underline Color

Styling Underline Color

Styling Underline Color

If you've ever wanted to set the color of the underline for underlined text separately from the text color, you may have come across the CSS...

Unicase Webfont

Unicase fonts are a bit special; they provide uppercase glyphs for lowercase characters, which means lowercase glyphs are rendered with glyphs which look just like uppercase glyphs. One should be...

Recreate a fashion headline and be able to edit it

The other day I was browsing a clothing shop website, and a headline caught my attention. When I found out that it was part of an image, I thought, mhmhmh, why not recreate this with code for fun!


Responsive Typography, SCSS vs. CSS Custom Properties (CSS Variables)

This article explains how to create responsive typography on the web, taking different approaches comparing SCSS and CSS Custom Properties (CSS Variables) to do the job.

TL;DR: Summary of the...

The Hebrew Word For Father:

<![CDATA[ ]]> L'chaim': My first 100 Hebrew Words | av