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Hashtag jump after the list is loaded.

fastLiveFilter to filter the list by searching or select option.

JSON Feed - Hashtag, Search Filter, and Select Filter

Thanks to knice for...

A safe way to toggle passwords

It's good UX to allow the user to toggle the display of password fields as plain text - especially for mobile devices. Following progressive enhancement we can do this simply in JavaScript,...

Advanced Card/List Toggle with Definition Lists

Cards and Lists

Displaying a lot of information on one page has its own unique challenges, and when you consider users' perspectives, well- it gets even more complicated. Some prefer neatly...

jQuery Toggle

How to use the toggle function in jQuery, RE: images. There are, of course, three parts that we need to consider, the HTML, the CSS and the all-important JavaScript.


To acomplish my goal of...

ToggleButton using CSS

In this article you will find Toggle Button designed using CSS.

source code :


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