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SVG Logo Loading Animation

I challenge you!

I Challenge You

After reading the very good article from cssanimation.rocks about the loading animation for buffer, one of my colleages (a very talented ux designer) challenged me...

Pure HTML-Spinner

Pure HTML-Spinner

How to make a HTML only Spinner (Android Spinner) without JS

Android Spinner

This is my HTML only Android Spinner [[[pen slug-hash='ONrMqe' height='300'...

Loading Spinner Collection

Here are some of my pure CSS loading spinners. Check it out:

Full Circle Spinner

[[[pen slug-hash='YEKoad'...

Semantic, single-element loading spinners with HTML & CSS



That’s it.

If there’s no value attribute on the <progress> element, it’s defined as:

[…]indeterminate, indicating that progress is being made but...